Revealed...  TURN unlimited flow of qualified Leads & Prospects to CUSTOMERS willing to buy & grow your business revenue!

No more spam or wasting money on ads that doesn't just work and other means searching for prospects and leads anymore.

  • Get Prospects that can afford to buy
  • Only attend to qualified Prospects with stronger desire to buy
  • Sell any amount of products stock in your house with free sales strategy guidance

Unlike thousands of  Digital Agencies and freelancers that care about Link clicks, likes, followers, low-quality traffic, and other vanity metrics you can’t take to the bank… 

We care more about Sales & conversions 

How much are you spending  and  How much are you getting back to put your business in a position of dominance


You keep wasting money on Facebook & Instagram managing your ads by yourself or through inexperienced freelancers and agencies

You post every day on all your social media pages, WhatsApp status, and everywhere possible but gets very little or no sales

All your marketing efforts online and offline gets you no results at most times

Facebook keeps declining your Bank Card every time you try to pay for your Previous Adverts


Facebook have banned you from advertising completely

If any of these is you, then go ahead and read through

Now you will be able to generate more qualified leads, turn them into customers and downlines to grow your business and  forget you ever had to deal with all of those troubles you have faced before now

Hi, I'm Ojo Mayowa

I started this marketing Agency 3 years ago after exceeding my capacity as one man army with the mission of using my marketing & advertising expertise to create more positive impact in the SMEs industry.

Over the past few years, we've been helping business owners scale their business with Facebook & Instagram ads and some times using Google/YouTube Ads for massive growth.

I'm proud of the fact that 90% of our clients get breakthrough with their online marketing regardless of whether they are new or not the very first time they work with us.

But I'm more proud of the number of people  that have been massively impacted by our clients' businesses through our marketing solutions/efforts.

Now Instead of just telling you how good my agency is, let me show you some of the results we get for our clients

Ever heard, “You either Advertise or Die” ?

The Big companies advertise their businesses that’s why they are still alive

Even Coca-Cola after 100 years still advertise

Facebook is still advertising today just to get more people on its platform

The big guys in your Real Estate Business, Network marketing  business succeeding today spends to advertise and reach more people

Your Business's success will also depends on how many leads you can generate and turn them into customers


You started getting qualified prospects from every angle of Nigeria begging you to buy your products and you immediately start selling or registering this people to your network marketing business 

and never had to waste  time and money on Facebook ads and all of that offline prospecting that turns you into a desperate and unfulfilling business owner


For you to run a business that's stable enough to give you the life of comfort you so desire,

You have to increase the number of leads or sales that you get

That means you have to reach out to new prospects & convert them. 

However, In this present world of ours where prospects' skepticism is incredibly high,

Turning new prospects into loyal customers isn't as easy as it sounds

But With the right knowledgeable and experienced agency like Bossmeek Media 

UN-MEASURED AMOUNT OF SALES becomes super easy...

All you have to do is generate high quality prospects & sell to those who need & and can really afford to buy your Products  

When we deliver... guest what happens ?

1. You get motivated to do more in your business...
2. Your company's revenue scale higher

3. the sky becomes your limits 

We have the experience, we have the tools, we have the results

Below is a screenshot of an ad account we dedicated only for our clients with 500+ Campaigns and over 6.8million spent

Click on the image above to enlarge


To get you quality prospects ready to buy from you without much headache we follow a 3 simple step process: 

  1. 1
    Traffic generation: We send traffic of interested people to your DM, Lead Form or landing page instead of going directly to your WhatsApp
  2. 2
    Lead generation/qualification: They will signup with their email before getting to your WhatsApp so we get to weed off some unserious unqualified people from getting to chat with you on WhatsApp
  3. 3
    Follow-up Automation: Our Whatsapp automated system then helps you follow-up those unserious through messenger bot and their emails summited at registration
  4. 4
    Conversion: You convert & attend to those more likely to buy your products or services.

Why leave your ads to us?

See why 500+ business owners  like you prefer BOSSMEEK MEDIA 

With Bossmeek Media

  • Get qualified Prospects
  • Build email contact list
  • Follow-up Prospects through emails
  • Free email & Whatsapp Marketing tool
  • Free Landing Page
  • Sell more & faster
  • Multiple conversion method
  • Free Strategy Session with our sales expert

Without Bossmeek Media

  • Get unserious & unqualified leads
  • No email list
  • Follow-up prospects manually
  • Pay for email & Whatsapp Marketing tool
  • Pay for landing page
  • Struggle to sell
  • One-way conversion method
  • Little or No Idea about your goals

Believe it or not, there has never been a FASTER & Profitable way to grow your business sales.

Choose a Package below to launch your next or first Ads

The prices below are more results & ROI oriented than just the durations (As many Prefers).

Each package comes with one or more freebies valued even more than the Ad you are paying for... 

i.e. The free sale strategy sessions included free on all packages will give you access to pick the brain of our sales experts & advertisers during the duration of your Ad aside the onboarding sales strategy session when getting started

1 Week Plan


Get Up to 35 - 100+ leads

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Build Email list
  • Free Sales strategy Sessions
  • Leads Management
2 Weeks Plan


Get Up to 50 - 200+  leads

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Build Email list
  • Free Sales strategy Sessions
  • Leads Management
1 Month Plan


Get Up to 80 - 500+  leads

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Build Email list
  • Free Sales strategy Sessions
  • Leads Management
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If we can't Help You In Your Next Facebook & Instagram Ads, Then I’m Sorry No body Will

For every Facebook & Instagram Advert you will run now and later in the future by your self or through amateurs freelancers it is only going to cost you money, time and energy.

even if you think you are getting the results that you need and don't need anyone to help you

what if your next ads with Bossmeek Media could do better with more returns ?

What If you could double your leads rates and close more titles faster ?

And even do better in your sales target… how much would that be worth to you?

or Are you still deciding if we can actually help you after you’ve seen what we can do 

Well...This is only for people who are Ready for a Positive Change in their network marketing business 

It’s only for Smart people who jump Quickly on Great opportunities when they see them… not waiting, worrying and wondering if it’s real or if it would work.

You’re still Struggling to grow your business simply because you haven’t tried Bossmeek

If you don’t need any more downlines, sales, success, money, time, and respect, then this offer will not interest you and you can close this page now 

We can only help those who are willing to grow their network marketing business

and  If it is you, then you click here to get started 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is lead generation?

Is an initiation of interest or inquiry into an opportunity like yours, products or services of a business in your case, the aim is to generate people who will contact you with interest to buy or join your business.

What do i need to get started?

All you need is a facebook business page and or Instagram handle. 
Facebook page is enough and if you don't even  have one,  we can simple create one for you in minutes and optimize it for free .
if you already have an Instagram or Facebook business page, you will have to give us access to them. you will receive a short video that will teach you how to add Bossmeek media as an admin to your Facebook page if you don't know how to  when you get started

How long will it take to start?

Your ad will take 24-72 hours before it gets started from the day you make payments.
this is to ensure quality delivery 

How many signups or sales will i make ?

There is no specific value for this..
however our goal is to deliver good and qualified leads consistently for you to convert.
Your seriousness level and sales skills (How you pitch to them) will determine how many people will buy or join your business 

What's the guarantee it will work for me?

Our guarantee that our ads will work for you is that..  it works for others like you and its the same company taking your Ad
90% of our clients are still with us for an average of 2years. if they are still with us for this long, it can only means our ads works & are profitable (No one will keep wasting money on what doesn't work) 

My ad account is banned, can i still run my Ad ?

We don't even need your ad account to run our ads for you. all we need is your Facebook business page or instagram to lauch your ads via the facebook Ads manager