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News: Abia Poly student stabs landlord to death for interrupting him while having sex



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Man, 21, docked for allegedly stabbing co-tenant

A student of the Abia State Polytechnic, simply identified as Abel, has
killed his landlord in the Immaculate area of Aba, Abia State for
interrupting him during love-making.
It was gathered that Abel, a final year student of the Department of
Architecture, allegedly stabbed the victim in the stomach during a
heated argument at the lodge.

The Punch reports that the victim had ordered that no female visitor was allowed to spend the night in the lodge.

The suspect was alleged to have breached the rule and was challenged
by the landlord, which led to a physical combat between them.

In the ensuing scuffle, the suspect was alleged to have grabbed a
knife and stabbed the victim in the stomach, before taking to his heels.

The landlord reportedly died on the spot.

An eyewitness said the landlord barged into the room and met Abel and his girlfriend naked, which caused the fight.

She said, “The incident happened around 9pm on June 29. The deceased
had made a rule that no student living in the lodge should bring a lady
pass the night there. He also made it a rule that every visitor, be
it male or female, must leave before night falls.

“However, the suspect brought home a female guest in the evening and
both of them went inside his room. The caretaker of the lodge saw them
and waited for them to come out, but they didn’t. He then put a call
through to the landlord, who hurriedly went to the building around 9pm.

“On arrival, the landlord barged into the student’s room where he met
both the lady and the student naked. Instead of excusing himself, he
attacked the student with punches. The lady quickly grabbed a wrapper
and ran out of the room into another student’s room in the lodge.

“As the confrontation continued, the student stabbed the landlord
with a knife, put on his boxers and fled that night, leaving the
landlord dead in his room.”

The Abia State Police Public Relations Officer, Nta Ogbonnaya,
confirmed the murder, saying he could not tell what transpired between
the suspect and the deceased.

He said, “Yes, there is a case of murder involving a student of Abia
State Polytechnic, Aba, who stabbed his landlord in the stomach. I
cannot, however, tell what happened between them. I also don’t know the
name of the landlord and the suspect. As I speak with you, the case file
has been transferred to the SDCI and we are working with the school
authorities to get the details of the suspect.

“I, however, want to advise him that he should submit himself to the
police voluntarily. I assure that wherever he decides to go, we will get
him and he will face justice.”

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Covid-19: 6 Ways To Overcome Boredom During Stay-home Period

Due to the spread of covid-19 accross the world, most states in Nigeria are presently observing lockdown. Therefore, here are some ways to overcome boredom during stay-home period. 6 Ways Overcome Boredom Stay-home



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Considering the fact that everyone has no option than to stay at home to avoid the spread of covid-19 in our respective states or countries, boredom has been the order of the day which most people has been complaining about.

And to solve the problem of boredom you have to understand that you can’t go out, you can’t mingle neither can you gist with friends in crowded places, and you have to maintain social distancing — these are some of the measures to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

So you ask yourself, I am being quarantined, how will I scale through boredom? You ask yourself, I am always alone, how will I prevent being bored? How will I overcome this boredom that is already drowning me?However, to be able to enjoy your stay home period, the following are ways you could actually prevent yourself from dull moments:

  1. Watch interesting movies: This is the time you have to increase your interest in film watching. You need to know the latest movies in town and make as well watch them when you’re bored.
  2. Listen to music: music is life, music bring you peace and happiness. Good music minister to the soul. This quarantine period is a time you need to listen to good music, ensure you learn their lyrics and sing them along. If you’re a type that knows how to dance, you could dance to the music alone in your room. Now te me, are you not overcoming boredom like that?
  3. Start reasonable argument with roommates or siblings: If you’re living with a friend or you’re probably in your family house, you have to start some reasonable argument with your friends or siblings in order to make the atmosphere lively. You could argue about celebrities, politics, football and also on academics line.Play interesting games: I know so many people have been doing this but they still have to keep playing games so as to prevent themselves from dull moments.
  4. Follow trends on social media: This is another way to overcome dull moments, you have follow what is trendy on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  5. Watch comedy clips: Of course to there are lot of comedy clips out there you could watch, follow comedian on Instagram and YouTube. Watch their clips and get over boredom.
  6. Read books and interesting novels: Of course, this is the time you have to develop interest in reading. There are lots of interesting story books that could bring life to your dull moments. You could Google interesting stories or download book apps to get yourself busy and lively reading books.
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Nigeria To Unveil Her First Home-Made Ventilator,Today



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National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure has manufactured the first made in Nigeria ventilators to fight COVID – 19 pandemic in Nigeria.
This is a gesture made in order to aid COVID-19 patients in breathing.
In a notice made by NASENI spokesman , Segun Ayeoyenikan , on Monday , revealed that Minister of Science and Technology , Dr Ogbonnaya Onu , would unveil the respirators, Tuesday ( today ) .
Recall that, Nigeria government, begged for respirators from American billionaire,through the Federal Ministry of Finance before it was withdrew as it was seen as national embarrassment,not long ago.
However,with this Nigeria ,too can make used of her home-made ventilators for her COVID-19 patients.

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Is Nigeria Worth Dying For?



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I have not been privileged to travel outside the shores of the Nigerian nation and the African continent. However, friends of mine who have been opportuned to travel out for study, work and holidays often say it to my hearing of how governments of other nations treat their citizens with care. The reverse seems to be case in Nigeria. It seems there is no sanctity and dignity of the human life. No wonder, citizens of other nations treat us with contempts.

Going down the memory lane, there have been several cases of the government failing to act as the custodian of the human person. Even in legal cases involving citizens of Nigeria and other countries, both within and outside the continent, citizens of other countries seem to gain the upper hand. This is because their government provides several facilities that make the legal process smooth sailing.

I remembered in 2014, when the nation was battling with the deadly Ebola Virus. Dr. Adadevoh Ameyo who in a bid to cure the virus lost her life wasn’t given any tangible award to honour her.

Also in another dimension, when cases of casualty involving military personnel is recorded, the way they are treated is horrifying. The whole situation is as though they have only followed the dictates of their heart. The families that are left behind are not given any special treatment. This was what dissuaded me from joining the military.

Whereas, governments of other nation states organise comprehensive welfare programmes for their citizens (old, young, literate and illiterate), we are ridiculed and made to suffer in the midst of plenty “. Unemployed youths are used as political instruments of thuggery during elections, while children of the rich feed of large budgets, this making things turn from bad to worse.

Before elections, political candidates suddenly turn the friends of the poor promising Heaven on earth. After suddenly wielding the sword of power to themselves, they turn enemies making ignorant ones believe it isn’t their duty to make things better. We are forced to accept the fact that travelling abroad won’t make things better and that Nigeria has a lot opportunities. On the contrary, dying in the face of war, doesn’t call for a heroic celebration.

Dying for one’s country is the highest level of patriotism. However, with the current realities, I cannot die for Nigeria. Dear reader, my question to you is this: Can You Die For Nigeria? Do share your thoughts in the comments section.

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