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Meet Our Personality Of The Week Oladeji Akinkunmi Olaitan



Personality of the week is a program created by our team to highlight the leadership and contribution of individual that are making a great impact in the community. Today’s Bossmeek Media Blog Personality Of The Week is Oladeji Akinkunmi Olaitan,A Singer, song writer and Music Performer Who’s on a project of releasing his latest single on October 5 2019 with the aim of backing it up with a Campus Tour.
Bossmeek Media Presents Its Personality Of The Week.

Good day , it is good to sit with you for some chats, how are you doing?

 Yes is good to a have a chat.. and thanks for asking, I’m doing just fine

Can we know you sir?

Definitely, my names are Oladeji AKinkunmi Olaitan better known as SMOLLZ. I’M a singer, songwriter and a music performer

What drew you to the music industry?

The love i feel when a create or make music on my own influenced my drive
Who are you inspired by?

Phil Collins, Wande coal and 2face

What’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far?’

 Trying to get my music out in the most proper way to reach that desired audience

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Nothing… you just need to understand how the cards are played to be in the game

If am getting you are you saying you have series of cards on ground that you want to play?

Lol… All am getting at is that there’s really nothing to change… i little bit of focus on our distribution process and royalties can really make a good impact

Any Plan for now? Information got to us that you are planning something big.

Its not going to be a big of a surprise anymore once i let the cat out of the bag na will it ? All i can testify to is that the  most of our A-list acts are done and we need a new game. I can only see a few in that  new move
Yes something big, new and birth with maturity is what my new project is about.. The new release is titled “ADA ADA” The song, ADA ADA  is an Afro pop uptempo track, with the desire to celebrate every african woman in all arcades. “Every woman is sweet in thier own individual way, you cant find a woman the same. Love the one you get the chance to love and do it well without conditons because no woman, no life this time” Choose love over violence on our women, at least if not more our special ones desries them”. That’s what you I preach in my new project and am trying as much as possible to get all right minds on it

Do you collaborate with others? What is that process?

I do collaborations definitely, every artist does. Time only tell when an artist is right for a collaboration.. all other things we jus happend once the artist itself it ready for it

Really can’t wait for this song to drop, I think this is just another version of Wonder Woman

Might just a bigger song than Wonder Woman

Wow! Are u planning on taking this beyond your horizon?

On arrangements to make this beyond any body’s horizon

Can you tell us more about taking  this beyond your horizon?

Am working for a good reach of digital distribution and have been able to influence working with the one of the most prominent promoters in Nigeria on this.. so i can only hope for the best of the turn out

With this big plan, how are you coping being a musician and a student at the same time?

Am done already this year.. a student of theater and media arts

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

He/she should always believe in what they vision for… go at any length to make it happen… ita rough, not smooth but it will definitely be worth it

Follow him on instagram @smollzwyna  

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Speaking In Public: How To Overcome The Fear Of The Audience



Millions of teenagers even adult in this age suffers from Glossophobia. The word glossophobia derives from the Greek γλῶσσα glōssa, meaning tongue, and φόβος phobos, fear or dread. Some people have this specific phobia, while others may also have broader social phobia or social anxiety disorder.

Glossophobia also know as speech anxiety is sometimes imbedded in individuals by either themselves or peep group, it can also be aftermath of a trauma they experienced when they are younger. Due to the fact that we all deal with challenges and setbacks different ways will make me outline more ways on how to deal with speech anxiety.

*Tackle your inferiority complex*

This is the first huddle to surface, let me tell you there’s no how you can overcome glossophobia If you always feel inferior to your mates or the public in general, there’s no how you’d feel free to say whatever you wanna say if the fear of “what if I’m saying the wrong thing” or “what if they laughed at me” is rooted deeply in your heart. Facing the audience is no easy work, but don’t let the million eyes looking at you intimidate you, the worst they’d say is “not good enough” you should take their critics and discrimination as your inspiration. Turn whatever they say to you as an inspiration to work more and more, and before you know it what they say wouldn’t matter than it usually is.

*fasten your belt after a fall*

Yes, I know how it feel if one fall, it’s very hard to gather courage to do the same thing again, but if you don’t how will you be able to tell the world you learnt from the experience? If you’ve once addressed a public and you were faced with lots of critics of course it will deem your self esteem, you’d not want to repeat it because of the fear of getting misjudgment again. But my dear, “it takes lots of breaks to make a building” don’t let that fall shape you into what you ain’t! Yes you failed once but it’s not the end of the world! Don’t let a failure or failures make you someone with inferiority complex, according to Gbenga Giwa, he said “ if you try once and it failed, name it version one” that’s the spirit! !

*Put in more effort*

Sometimes, social critics may be right sometimes, even sometimes they are always right, because there are thousand voices out there and they all can’t be wrong against you, so you need to patch your linen where it’s torn, but it more effort and try your best, take the audience as yourself, “what would you like to hear”? The audience won’t bite you! Don’t be flustered or intimidated by the audience.

*Look beyond the crowd*

After all this if you still find your self battling with glossophobia then this is the last step, whenever you are talking in a public. Low your gaze, zoom into your world, assume you are the only one in the hall, look far above the audience head! Speak from your heart, continue that’s way until you are done your speech, I can assure you if you do this some couple of times, you’d be able to speak in public and overcome “Glossophobia

Share this article if it’s enlighten you one way or the other!! There’s someone out there you can help by sharing xoxo

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Top 5 Tips To Grow Your Online Business



Not every person has a large number of dollars to place into growing an online business. On my previous post, i  list out the top reasons why your online business isn’t growing. As a general rule, you can do a ton without going through any cash whatsoever. All it truly requires is exertion and creative mind.

Today, I will turn out how to grow an online business for nothing. You can begin at this moment and start boosting the fate of your quality on the Web.

Here are five of my tips to grow an online business without cash. Despite the fact that you might need to put something into these strategies sometime in the future, you can begin presently for nothing.

#1 Create Top notch Content

Create quality con
create quality contents

Making top notch content is significant whether it’s an organization blog or an item depiction. It’s everything about connecting with the crowd and giving them what they need.

This data should be conveyed such that keeps users associated. Evading content squares, isolating focuses with headers and keeping the language simple to retain is just the start.

Another significant part of substance to remember is staying real. Continuously base your material on proof you can team up with different sources. As we live during a time where “counterfeit news” is hurled around as often as possible, you need to ensure your business is viewed as an authentic source.

At the end of the day, you need your organization to be seen as a legitimate figure. Authority attempts to improve brand notoriety just as web crawler positioning.

Excellent contents likewise includes different components outside of text also. While content is and consistently will be above all else, the conveyance of that data is extraordinarily significant.

Site Speed

The same number of as 53% of individuals on versatile devices give up on a site that takes over three seconds to load. This implies the site in general should be upgraded for speed. On the off chance that you use stages like WordPress, you approach an assortment of tools to improve the presentation of your site.

Plan Format

More than one-third of visitors will leave a site if the format is poor. Shading decisions, illustrations and even the general design of the site’s capacities can cause issues for specific clients. You have to convey a decent visual and practical experience for everybody visiting the site.

Abstain from Cushioning

Try not to make a decent attempt to accomplish a specific word check. This frequently prompts what’s known as, “lighten.” It’s substance inside an article that doesn’t appear to have a reason other than loosening up what number of words are on a site page. It can confound your users just as web crawler bots for advancement.

#2 Be Versatile Amicable

Image laptop
Create a user friendly interface

Everybody needs to have a versatile amicable site today. More than 54% of individuals using the Internet are doing as such from cell phones and tablets. On the off chance that your site isn’t responsive or has a versatile variation, you may distance the greater part of your shoppers.

Being versatile well disposed incorporates an assortment of changes in accordance with the site.

No Blaze video: Most cell phones don’t function admirably with Streak.

Improved pictures: Rendering illustrations takes data transfer capacity and time. Continuously utilize the right sizes for your site.

Tappable components: Content connections are regularly unreasonably little for thumbs. Utilize bigger catches that are anything but difficult to contact or snap.

Simple route: Don’t overload the route menu. In the event that it fills the screen of a cell phone, it regularly seems overpowering.

Simple Usefulness: Guests ought to have the option to effortlessly deal with the site from a 3-inch screen.

A few parts of being versatile well disposed don’t require a financial venture. Things, for example, altering pictures to fit, overhauling the menu bar and more should be possible effectively without anyone else.

Indeed, utilizing frameworks like WordPress hosting already does a large portion of that for you. It’s as of now portable responsive without making alterations.

A simple method to get a thought of what your webpage resembles on a cell phone is to recoil your PC’s internet browser. By changing its stature and width on your screen, you can get a thought of what individuals see when taking a gander at your site pages.

#3 Incorporate Internet based life

Social media
Build social audience

A wonderful aspect regarding web based life is the means by which powerful it is without really going through cash. It’s allowed to make a profile on most stages and can without much of a stretch put the business before a huge number of potential buyers.

Be that as it may, it’s insufficient to just have a Facebook or Twitter profile. You can’t simply set up a business page and expect individuals rush to it. You must be a piece of the reason behind the thought: being social.

Including Every day Posts

The occasions you should post content via web-based networking media differs for organizations. While some think that its effective to do at least five, others do well with only one. The fact is you should be dynamic in the event that you need consideration from your intended interest group.

Pictures Matter

When presenting content via web-based networking media (Social media), use pictures or video. Illustrations draw in clients undeniably more than straightforward content. For instance, posts with pictures on LinkedIn receive 200% a greater amount of a commitment rate than ordinary text. On Twitter, recordings are multiple times bound to be retweeted than straightforward photographs.

Offer Significant Substance

Don’t just share arbitrary snippets of data. Post content your crowd will need to peruse. This incorporates sharing any sites you find web based, retweeting significant records in Twitter or maybe in any event, remarking on somebody’s post. Keep everything revolved around your industry and specialty.

Including Social Catches

About each site has social sharing catches on its website. Remember to add it to your store things or administration contributions also. No one can really tell who is taking a gander at your pages, and the individual may impart your merchandise to their own devotees.

#4 Concentrate On Your Intended interest group

Follow up with your audience

Concentrate the business on your specific crowd. The more you streamline substance, items and administrations, the higher the nature of your guests. This implies you’ll focus on the individuals who are well on the way to go through cash with your business.

For instance, you wouldn’t have any desire to make visitor blog entries on a site that revolves around garden care items in the event that you sell kitchen tools. Any advertising you do requirements to remain significant to what you offer.

The intended interest group will impact everything from the sort of substance you make to the brands of items you stock. This is a key component you’ll have to find in the event that you need the best odds of accomplishment.

One mix-up a great deal of new organizations make is attempting to target “everybody.” This regularly prompts an indiscriminate showcasing system and ends up being excessively costly over the long haul. Maintain your emphasis on the individuals who are going to straightforwardly profit by the business.

Later on, when you’re prepared to siphon cash into promotions, realizing your crowd is going to spare you a ton of cash. Rather than demonstrating promotions to anybody, you can tweak them to demonstrate just to those individuals who will no doubt make a buy.

In case you’re uncertain who your objective market is, investigate free devices like Google Examination. By going over the movement information of your site, you can get a thought of who likes what with regards to your business. Numerous Internet business stages accompany a variation of this tools too.

Another great method to scope your potential purchasers is to investigate your immediate challenge. How would they have their substance set up? What is by all accounts functioning admirably for them? Answer these inquiries and improve your site.

#5 Broaden Your Activity

get more ideas

Growing a business regularly includes enhancing the activity. There’s nothing amiss with including components that will assist you with attracting a bigger group or advantage from existing traffic.

Being differing with your business develops pay while staying with the shielded from showcase shifts. Like the maxim goes, “Never set up of your resources in one place.” Keep the business adaptable and simple to adjust to patterns and changes.

Here are a couple of purposes of what I’m discussing.

Extending Stock

A great deal of Internet business proprietors will grow the stock to incorporate reciprocal things. For example, numerous PC and gaming shops will likewise stock energized beverages or snacks for the individuals who need delayed game play.

Promotion Income

Adding things like Google Adsense to your site produces a touch of extra income. Some don’t care for this as it gets an opportunity to take potential purchasers to contending sites. In any case, some plans of action may exceed expectations with things like Adsense.

Advance a YouTube Channel

Numerous organizations will build up a YouTube channel to emphasize their organizations. In addition to the fact that it engages your crowd, however you can procure advertisement income from the experience also. Shouldn’t something be said about making a channel telling individuals the best way to utilize your items or administrations?

In certain occurrences, it might take a touch of creative mind to make sense of how to be assorted. As a general rule, it merits the time on the off chance that you discover something that accommodates your business and specialty impeccably.

Investigate Microsoft, for instance. The organization has its turn in PCs, gaming, telephones and the sky is the limit from there. The organization’s portfolio is extraordinarily assorted, which implies a disappointment in one viewpoint will have less of an effect on the organization all in all.

Am glad you made it to the end, just put these tips into practice and watch your online business grow.

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How Realistic Is Nigeria’s Vision 2020



Over a decade ago, a popular lexicon appeared in Nigeria. As a young child, I couldn’t trace the history of this word as it appeared complex for my understanding. This term was like a bee buzzing over the nooks and crannies of the Nigerian sphere. This particular term was Vision 2020.

Thanks to goodness we are in year 2020. A year in which the hope of Nigerians is high as regards the government fulfilling the demands of the proposed vision 2020. The herald of this vision has been the talk of the town for a decade. However, the volume of the speaker airing this vision to the ears of Nigerians and the world has suddenly been reduced, and with the look of things, the vision which once became the talk of the town might suddenly be a noise

In reality, the Nigerian government aimed at positioning the Nigerian economy to become among the first in the world. Several plans were put into place to achieve and make this vision a reality. Some of these include: budget allocation, inauguration of several groups and committees both in the private and public sector, sectoral allocation among others. All these were drivers towards realising the goals and objectives of the vision.

Historically, many countries have attempted this at one point or the other. Examples included Singapore under Lee Kuan Yew, China under Zedong Mao. Other countries included Japan and the Former Soviet Union (USSR), now Russia. All these worked effectively, but the reverse is the case in Nigeria. Though, we are in the first quarter of the year 2020 and it will be a rash thinking concluding that the vision is not feasible. However, from the standpoint of reality, it is easier to say that the vision is vague, lacks direction and in real terms unachievable.

Several areas such as education, security, human capital development, infrastructure are battling with one challenge or the other. Some other areas lack a trajectory. There is no accurate compass which can be followed and which can also serve as the basis of making judgements, assumptions or decisions.

My esteemed audience, what’s your take on this issue? Do you think Nigeria as a country can achieve the vision 2020 before the end of year or perhaps do yuu think the vision is just mere and wishful thinking. I ld be glad to hear your opinions in the comments section? Have a lovely Wednesday.

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