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5 Signs You Are Being Too Clingy



You are sitting on your bed, looking forlorn. You feel the tears rising; blurring your vision. Your phone rings but you cannot bring yourself to pick it up. You just stare into space and you ask yourself, “how did I get here”? Uncle just called to say he would not be able to come and see you and you are looking like you just lost someone. The tears finally roll down your cheeks as you recall how he snapped at you two hours earlier saying he is too busy. You’re on the brink of losing your emotional sanity. You have become CLINGY!
This is the case of most persons in their various relationships regardless of how promising it looks. You must understand that being clingy is a toxic dating habit. It stems from the fear of being abandoned and low self-esteem. As a result, constant reassurance and closeness is sought by the clingy partner. How can you tell you are clingy?


Monitoring your partner’s social media activity.
You want to always go through your partner’s phone, finding your way to their social media platforms to read their messages. You even check their friend lists constantly. Sometimes you make harsh accusations from the information you get from such escapades.

Questioning their friendship with others
You feel threatened by your partner’s friends of the opposite sex. You want to know their whereabouts at all times. In extreme cases, you even go by places you know your partner hangs out; you’re obsessed about knowing everything he or she does.

Neglecting your friends
You no longer have the time for your friends. You give excuses in order not to go out so that you can spend all the time with your partner. It is dangerous to make your partner in the center of your being. You both had separate lives before you met.

Being overly jealous.
Jealousy is a necessary evil in every relationship but when it’s extreme, it becomes unhealthy. You are not comfortable at all with members of the opposite sex coming close to your partner. This could lead to being too possessive.


Being clingy makes your partner withdraw from you, it creates negative tension gradually and may even lead to a break up if not curbed. So it is important that you fix it. First of all, you should have honest conversations with your partner; communication is key. Also, set up boundaries whenever you feel like going through your partner’s phone.

Most of the time, there’s really nothing there but because you have such thoughts already, you’re always suspicious. Know when to draw the line in your relationship. And most importantly, make sure you’re not idle. Get busy! The idle mind, they say, is the devil’s workshop. Go out, hang out with friends, find satisfaction in spending time with yourself.

You can also agree with your partner to talk to someone, a counselor or a mentor. DO NOT keep to yourself. Make the effort to be in a healthy relationship so that you do not lose your emotional sanity.



7 Dangerous Things You Should Avoid In Your Relationship



Building a good and lasting relationship may be difficult but you should begin with avoiding things that may damage your relationship.

Lovers may find it too difficult to maintain a steady relationship not because of their differences but because of some little problems that may break their relationships.

If you find it too difficult to manage your relationship, there are things you should start avoiding. These things are the causes of broken relationship because there is no way you can keep your relationship if those things are involved.

However, in order to maintain a lasting relationship, the following are the things you should avoid:

1) Lying : the only things lying does to a relationship is to damage the trust of one’s partner. If you’re not telling your partner the truth, he/she will find it difficult to build his trust in you. Lying leads to lack of confidence in one’s partner and this may lead to misunderstanding which may eventually lead to a broken relationship. Always learn how to say the truth even if your lover won’t be happy with you.

2) Lack of communication : “In a relationship when communication starts to fade, everything else follows” – anonymous. If you’re not consistent with communicating with your partner especially when he/she is far away he/she may suddenly lose interest in you. Learn how to communicate often in your relationship. With that your relationship will keep blooming. Others will even envy you. Lack of communication is really dangerous in a relationship, lovers should therefore avoid it!

3) Lack of trust : If you’re feeling too insecure about your lovers this is very dangerous and may lead to a sudden misunderstanding. I see no reason why we should go into a relationship with people we don’t trust. We shouldn’t even keep them as friends let alone planning to marry them. Trust is very essential in a relationship as it will boost your confidence about your partner. It will enable you to be free with your lovers at all level and it will make you avoid the influence of third party — such as gossips from your friends and rumours about your lovers.

4) Cheating This is one of the leading cause of a broken relationship and partners should start dealing with it. If you keep on cheating in your relationship, your partner will surely find out someday and this will eventually damage your relationship. No matter how small the relationship should be, cheating should be avoided at all levels of relationship. I see no reason of going into a relationship with someone we’re not satisfied with. If you love someone with big booty and big boobs, why not go after them instead of cheating? I’m not saying that should be a criteria for choosing your partner but to avoid lack of interest in your lover, you should go after your taste initially. Stay loyal with your lover, only then you will maintain a stable relationship.

5) Bad behavior: Bad behavior varies because what I consider bad may not be bad to you. But there are some behaviors which are not accepted by the society in which you find yourself. You may find it difficult to continue with your lover if he/she is smoking or drinking alcohol. Those acts are consider bad to you and the society with which you find yourself. If you’re into some bad acts that your partner doesn’t like, you should stop it in order to maintain a good relationship. Remember, relationship doesn’t bloom when there are traces of bad habit.

6) Anger: Build a mansion today then damage it tomorrow with your anger. We have heard of some issues of five year relationship which damaged because of uncontrollable anger. If you’re angry you should try not to speak because once a word is spoken it can’t be swallowed again — the word is an egg. So try to control yourself when you’re angry, this will not only help you maintain a good relationship but also help you to maintain a sound health.

7) Toxic friends or people: the aim of some people in your life is to hard salt to your wound — to make you unhappy. This is not new, people will come, making you feel bad about your lover — your spouse or your fiance. They will tell you about his/her pasts and reasons why you shouldn’t go into relationship with him/her, do not listen to them! Such people are dangerous! Anyone whose aim is to make you feel bad about your spouse is very dangerous and you should start avoiding them. If he/she hasn’t given you a good report about your lover before, avoid them! They’re only meant to damage your peace and your relationship with your partner. I wish us a thriving relationship as we observed these little tips!

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How To Impress A Classy Girl On Your First Meeting



When I was still a ‘small boy’, during my secondary school days, I used to chicken out when it came to having a conversation with a girl. It was a different thing when I realized my ‘target’ was from a level higher than mine. I would find it tasking to open my mouth to say “Hi”, talk more asking her out. My primary goal then was not to embarrass myself and my ancestors.

How would I impress such a pretty and well-to-do girl? What would I offer her that she didn’t already possess? These were some of the questions I used to ponder on, and I would just lose interest and search for my class.

Just like my 15-year-old naïve self, most of us think we need some big rides, heavy bank accounts or expensive gadgets to impress a classy girl, especially when meeting her for the first time. No, you don’t. In fact, you need something less extravagant to impress these classic girls. How do you impress a high-class girl and make her like you more? Let me show you how.

1. Upgrade your dress sense

When I say upgrade your dress sense, I do not mean for you to rob a bank and buy expensive clothes and accessories. Your journey to impressing a girl starts with the condition of your wardrobe. All girls (not just the high-class ones) like guys who dress decently. They like guys who look presentable, and with an impressive demeanor. Before you can be acceptable to a high-class girl, you must look presentable, you can’t look like a slob and expect a rich babe to fall for you, don’t be deceived by what you see in Nollywood movies, else you will just fall your hand and embarrass village people.

How do you upgrade your dress sense? Simply following these suggestions:

  • Wear nicely fitting shirts and pants (avoid looking shabby and rough);
  • Put on decent pair of shoes (your shoes shouldn’t look too dusty or oversized);
  • Nicely cut and combed hair that complements your facial look (avoid having particles like dust, bed crumbs on your head);
  • Use masculine perfumes or colognes moderately (while some like to feel your masculinity in the air, some girls don’t like colognes one bit);
  • Smile. Looking moody will put her off. Remember you are meeting her for the first time and first impression really matters, so find somewhere to hang that long face and wear a smile when approaching a classic babe.

You don’t necessarily need to look rich, remember the girl you are dealing with is a big girl, she can easily sense you’re trying too hard to impress her. Simplicity is the key, you know?

Avoid looking like a boy too. You’re going for a classic babe, look classic, not like a boy.

2. Work on your speech and choice of words

If you look all so cool and amazing but lack a good vocabulary or use the wrong choice of words, sorry bro, no way.

Take a look at the way you talk, the kinds of words that rush out when you open your mouth, do they sound well enough? Some will open their mouth and all that comes out is trash. No high-class girl wants to stick around a lousy dude. The way you present your opinion, the way you sound (your tone and pitch) both go a long way. If you want to impress a high-class girl, polish your vocabulary. Select your words and punch lines carefully, avoid using foul words or cursing, and be audible. High-class girls don’t like guys who look intimidated, they want to see you ‘have the balls’.

3. Have some balls

Your confidence speaks more than your mouth does. When you walk up to a high-class girl and anxiety is written all over you, you are gradually reducing your chances of impressing her. If you feel nervous, walk away, go and get prepared for another day, it’s better that way than looking stupid in front of her. First impression matters. If you look weak and nervous on your first meeting, she will always see you that way.

Believe in who you are, walk smartly, look straight into her eyes when you talk, but avoid too long stares, unless she’s getting used to you. Let your conversation be a two-way thing, not the one that looks like an interview session. Be smart in your thinking as well (check #5).

4. Be Responsible

Classy girls don’t like lazy ass gold diggers, they can spot them miles away. The same goes for classy guys.

In your short moment with her, talk about your achievements so far, what you currently do for a living (avoid giving out too much details, just touch the basics). If you haven’t done much for yourself, let her know how much you’re investing in becoming better. Don’t sound like someone who wakes up every morning just to watch supersport channels.

I will also like to add this: if you are dating a classy girl, try as best as possible to foot the bills during your dates and outings; demand less (or don’t demand at all) from her; if she has a car, unless she wants you to drive it out, do not ask if you can quickly get somewhere with her car, it doesn’t make sense. This way, she won’t just be impressed, she will accord you some respect.

5. Be Charismatic

This is where you package all your prowess and abilities into one – the way you walk, talk, reason, look, eat, stand and all.

When you create a topic, follow it up. Don’t back out too quickly when she’s really enjoying the moment. Also, don’t stay too long on a topic, else you start sounding boring.

Before you approach a high-class girl, carefully prepare the topics you would like to talk about. A good compliment about what she’s putting on is a good start.

Classic girls are well updated, more than you might have imagined. Imagine meeting a girl who studied abroad, so it will do you good to bring up topics you are well familiar with, it sounds better if she doesn’t know much about whatever you bring up, then you can do a little showoff and bravado and lecture her, be an information provider (this is usually accompanied by some respect from her own end).

It is important you open your brain first before opening your mouth. Think before you say. Don’t just open your mouth and spill jargon, which can spoil business for you.

There you have it. I hope this article will help you up your game. A classy girl is just like any other girl you can run into in a restaurant, in a shopping mall, at the gym, she’s just richer or looks it.

Share with us in the comment box more tips on how to impress a classic girl if you have them.

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To Love Again (Episode 3)



Episode 3
Daniel woke up at exactly 6:30am.He slammed his hand on the alarm and it abruptly stopped its noise. He wanted to be at work early today not that he had to.I mean he is his own boss, but he wanted to get away from Trisha’s constant blabbing about getting a wife.7:15 he was set to go.He walked into d parlour and met Trisha putting finishing touches so Tania would go to school
“Dan, you’re leaving early.?
“umm.Yeah.I have to catch up with an early appointment, he lied..
“Okay. Dan?.”
“Yes .??”
“(pointing at Tania but with her eyes)..
“Oh Yea.Hi Tania, how are you? ”
“Answer me when I talk to you, young lady.”
“Whatever” Tania responded rolling her eyes as she walked to her room
“Come back here.Tania.I am your dad and you will show me respect.Tania…
“Stop it Dan, stop it.She’s just a kid and, besides, you can’t blame her can you?”
“What.She disrespected me and all you can say is I can’t blame her.What have you been teaching her?
“Don’t you dare turn this on me Dan, don’t..
“You know What?.I don’t have time for this.See you later.
“Yea, run away again.”
She went to tania’s room and saw her crying..
“No.No.No.Baby, don’t cry.Please don’t cry.shhhhhh…”
“Why does daddy hate me?did I ever do something wrong?”
“Sweetheart, don’t think that way. Your daddy does not hate you, he, he just has alot on his mind.He’ll come around.”
“Why does everyone one I love leave me?daddy hates me, mom left me now you’re leaving too.”
“Oh my.You know I’d stay if I could.I’ll be visiting though and there will be a new maid.I promise you’ll love her.”
“I don’t want a new maid.I want you, I want you..” she said, finally broke down in tears.
—————————————— ——————————————
Dan was seated in his office going through some files that was on his table when he entered.He heard a knock on his door.
“come in.” he said
“Sir. Good morning sir.How was your night..” Betty asked flashing a seductive smile…
“FABULOUS! yours?”
“Was ok, would have been better with you on my bed tnough”.she whispered to herself..
“Did you say something?”
“ummmmm.No sir”
“hmmmmmm.What do you have for me.?
“OH.Yes sir…
“Ok.Thanks for the briefing, I’ll get back to you later..”..
“Ok sir..
“And Betty, next time when coming to work, please put on something a little more appropriate and decent not something that exposes you.It’s not good for business.understood?”
“Yes sir.”..she replied feeing embarrassed
Daniel is a middle-aged man of 37.Golden brown hair brown,sun-tanned skin with a body that leaves ladies breathless ,maybe because he works out.The gym was his second best place.The first is his office.Yes Daniel was a workaholic, being the owner of a million dollar firm, the Connor telecommunication corporation.He was rich.The whole package. It’s no wonder the ladies flock around him.He smiled to himself satisfied with what his words did to Betty
just then his phone rang
“hmmmm.Speak of the devil.hello
Trish.What’s up? ”
“what’s up? what’s up? Really Dan. what’s the time?You were supposed to be home early to help in selecting a maid.There’s a crowd here.I can’t do this alone
“Oh come on Trish(rolling his eyes)You can do it.Besides, I’m very busy here.I can’t come home now” he lied.
“It can’t be that hard.Just ask a few questions, check out their appearance . stuff like that. You can do it, I know you can.I have go Trish.Bye”
“Don’t you dare hang up.Dan! Dan!
The phone was dead
“shit!You’re going to get it Dan.(sighs)It’s going to be a long day..

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7 Things Every Woman Wants In A Relationship



Once you are in a relationship with a woman, either it will lead to marriage or not, it is very important for you to know what every woman wants so that you will have a peaceful and heathy relationship.

The way women act and react to things are different from men. That’s why you need to understand them before you go into a relationship with them.

However, in order to avoid disputes every day in your relationship, there is a need to understand what your woman wants — and how to make her happy during the course of your relationship.
Therefore, these are just seven important things that every woman surely wants whenever they are in a serious relationship with you:

  1. Love : love, they say “is the fulfilment of law”. A relationship that is built on sex and money can die any time, but a relationship that is built on genuine love will keep waxing stronger. Therefore, every woman deserves to be loved. They want a man that will show them love and make them feel happy all the time.
  2. Care : Of course, when you love someone, you will go any length to care for the person. Every woman wants to be cared for. No one wants to be with someone who wouldn’t care for him. So, as a man you need to take good care of your woman so as to maintain a steady relationship with her.
  3. Attention : Simi once said in her song “stay with me even if your have a place to go”. Of course, every woman wants a man that will attend to them and to their needs. They want someone who will always pay attention whenever he is with them. A Woman does not want a man that will divert all his attentions on his phone or something else when he is with her.
  4. Commitment and Loyalty : Every woman wants a man that is loyal and committed. If you are not loyal to them, they will begin to feel insecure and if you’re not committed, they will begin to lose interest in you. So there is a need to be loyal and committed to them if you want to maintain a good relationship.
  5. Trust: when there is no trust in relationship, insecurity crawls in. Both man and a woman want to stay with someone who they can trust. Every woman wants to stay with someone who they can build confidence on. They also expect you to trust them back because, once they love you, they love you with everything!
  6. Compliment: Every woman wants a man that will admire them. Someone who will make them feel good and special every moment. Try to compliment them by simply saying “I like your dress ” “I like the way you walk” “Your voice is so sweet ” “You are beautiful” . Simple words like that make them happy anytime they hear it.
  7. Respect: Joyce Meyer once said “We should respect each other’s needs…”. Of course, every woman wants a man who can respect them, respect their feelings and opinion. The fact that she is a woman does not mean she is talking trash. So respect her and her views in order to keep a heathy relationship with her.
    The above are few things among what every woman wants in a relationship.

If you enjoy reading this, kindly drop a comment  

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7 Ways To Make Your Lovers Feel Special On Valentine’s Day



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Everyday is special for true lovers but there is always a single day in a year that is more special than the other days — which is Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a special day to show love to your lovers and your love ones but there are ways you could show them love which will make them feel good and as well leave a blueprint of memories in their minds.

However, the following are seven ways you can make your lovers feel good and special on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Love text with intriguing messages: love words are expressions of the heart. Begin this special day by sending your romantic and emotional thoughts to your lovers. Let them know how you feel for them and how special they are to you. Call them special names that would make them feel unique. Make sure all your thoughts are well written with striking lines that could take them off the hook. This will Certainly make them feel good.
  2. Call them, start a long conversation with your lovers : should in case you aren’t living together, call your lovers and start a long and romantic conversation with your lovers. Create a good atmosphere of love through the calls which will convince them that truly, you love them. Be ready to listen to them and as well, don’t be in hurry to end the conversation. It is the special day of love and you must make your lovers special!
  1. Love text with intriguing messages: love words are expressions of the heart. Begin this special day by sending your romantic and emotional thoughts to your lovers. Let them know how you feel for them and how special they are to you. Call them special names that would make them feel unique. Make sure all your thoughts are well written with striking lines that could take them off the hook. This will Certainly make them feel good.
  2. Call them, start a long conversation with your lovers : should incase you aren’t living together, call your lovers and start a long and romantic conversation with your lovers. Create a good atmosphere of love through the calls which will convince them that truly, you love them. Be ready to listen to them and as well, don’t be in hurry to end the conversation. It is the special day of love and you must make your lovers special!
  3. Send them flowers, frames or greetings cards: to the westerners, flowers are expressions of love. It is the way of showing love to your lovers on special days like this. Send them flowers and greetings cards that are full of the expression of love. Though, it is not everyone that appreciates flowers, you need to study your lovers to know what they truly want.
  4. Surprise them with gifts that suit their tastes: sending your lovers gift on Valentine’s Day is very paramount. Of course, you need to send gifts but what kind of gifts do they truly want? You need to study your lovers to know what they need at that particular period of time. Let them feel special that you’re able to meet their needs. Let them know that they’re always in your thought by giving them gifts that suit their taste and need. You could gift them their best outfits in their favourite colours. You could also give them gifts that are in line with their disciplines.
  5. Post their pictures on social media: uploading your lovers pictures on your social media handle is another way to make them feel special. Many of them will be happy to see their pictures with love emoji on your status, profile picture and facebook story. Post their pictures alongside with a very intriguing love note that would make them feel happy and special at the same time.
  6. Take them out to special places: You shouldn’t just take your lovers to anyhow places, but to places that he or she will appreciate. You could take them out to cinema, restaurant, mores or places you could have a quiet moment.
  7. Create a quiet atmosphere and talk about your future : This is for lovers that are not yet married, after spending times with your lovers in mores or cinema, you have to create a good and calm atmosphere to talk about your future. Absolutely, not every relationship leads to marriage but you could ask each other what each of you would like to become and achieve in the nearest future. Let them know you care about them by asking them their wishes and aspirations. The above are seven simple ways you could make your lovers happy on Valentine’s Day, I wish you a blissful Val! .

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