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Job Creation in Nigeria? Whose Responsibility?



Hello Everyone. Its a bright beautiful Tuesday, the second day of work. Like my usual practise is, I was scrolling through my news feeds and saw a headline saying unemployed graduates shouldn’t rely on the government specifically the federal government for the creation of jobs.

Now the question is this? Whose responsibility is it to create jobs?

In the first instance, we operate on a democratic platform. Hence, it is the government of elected representatives or as they say “government of the people, by the people and for the people”. Having elected leaders, the electorate expect that their wishes especially those within the purview of the constitution are met. So if the government is saying they can’t create jobs for the teeming population, whose responsibility should it be? Should we say it is the responsibility of private organizations. I will totally disagree with this point. The whole scenario is like a commander sending his soldiers to a war against other countries and expecting them to provide the necessary logistics such as transport, arms and ammunition for themselves and threatening them if they fail to win the war.

Though, private organizations have a role to play. The lion share of the issue however, belongs to the government since it has the constitutional mandate of protecting and securing the lives of its citizens. After all, some electoral manifestoes contain unfulfilled promises of providing jobs for the unemployed.

Now esteemed readers, what is your take on the issue I have outlined? Is it the responsibility of the government or private individuals to provide jobs.

Please air your views in the comments section. Gracias.

Momoh, Emmanuel Omeiza is a Librarian by profession, but has passion for writing and research


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The Steps To Knowing Who You Are.



Have you ever sat down and this question keeps reverberating in your mind, “who are you”? You go out each day and you see people be the best of themselves, building a career in certain fields, putting faith to the test by stretching their capabilities, being confident in their own skin and you wonder who you are called to be. Of course, this happens to everyone. When we meet people for the first time, we assess them, scrutinize their clothes, actions, and words, and go on to interact with them based on assumptions we have made. It is pertinent to know who you are before all else.

Below are some steps needed:


Look deep in yourself to learn your core values

Your values are basic standards you stand for that influence your decision making. You have principles, know them. What do you fight for? What are you most passionate about? Are you living a life you’re proud of? Keep a journal to help you record your thoughts and emotions to know when they are positive or negative.

Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Examine your likes and dislikes; also, what you’re good at and vice versa. Mostly, the things we are not good at are our challenges. Knowing these things is important because from there, you decide which of them you need to improve on.

Take a personality test

Know your personality; if you’re choleric or sanguine, phlegmatic or melancholy. Learn when you’re at your best or when you’re feeling depressed. Know what makes you feel better; is it the movies, reading books, writing, playing music, etc. Sometimes, you may need to see a clinical psychologist.

Ask and know others’ assessment of you

Such answers should be gotten from close friends and family of course. Also, be aware that their opinions of you could be drawn from a particular encounter with you which may not describe you in totality. Compare their assessment with what you’ve written earlier in your journal. Ponder on them and ask yourself if you were surprised or upset at their opinion of you. If you’re not satisfied, you work out ways on how to improve.

Know if you’re an introvert or an extrovert.

Although no one is 100% introvert or extrovert, rather we lean on one or the other under certain circumstances. An introvert describes someone who gets energy from focusing primarily on their own thoughts, feelings, and memories. They enjoy solitude and are reserved; spending time more on themselves. Meanwhile, an extrovert is someone who gets energy from being in the external world.

With these steps, you would have begun a journey on getting to know who you are, since, as humans, we are constantly changing and because society’s values often conflict with ours. What have been the meaningful events of your life? You may discover clues to your hidden identity, to your career and to your life satisfaction.

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Leadership: Titles or Influence?



The concept of leadership is not an entirely new concept. It so used in everyday life both within the private and public spheres. The term basically means having control over a territory or a particular group of people. In another perspective, it also means one who directs or organises a thing to achieve maximum control or progress. The term is also synonymous with authority which means the ability to make people or organisms subject to one’s wishes.

Overtime, many people have developed different criteria to measure leadership? I’d outline two in this article.

Many people see leadership about having recognitions in form of titles. Leaders who fall into this category often place much emphasis on these titles. That’s why many of them get furious if they aren’t called by their respective. On the other hand, leadership about influence are larger in scope than leadership with titles. Leaders who deal with influence most often don’t want to be recognised by their titles. Their leadership style is self-paced, sacrificial and brings all and sundry together until a common purpose is achieved. Leaders by influence help to create in which everyone can develop their potential. Leaders by influence understand connection to themselves, others and cosmos to life in general.

In terms of achievements, leaders that operate with titles often achieve little when it comes to organizational development. Results most times are not seem by subordinates. Someone once said, if you love your ego to be fanned, you are a boss, but if love to serve, you are a leader.

Conclusively, let me throw you this challenge. Are you a leader or a boss? I’ld encourage you to be a leader as the benefits that accrue to such are innumerable.

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How A Man Murdered His Friend Just Because Of N100



A contradiction between two companions over a N100 obligation has brought about one of them being cut to death. It was assembled that the event happened at about 11:00pm. on Wednesday at Whitesand territory of Ijora Badia, a suburb in Apapa-Iganmu gathering zone of Lagos State.

The dead, recognized basically as White London, was said to be obliged to his supposed executioner friend, just named Emma, the total of N1,100 with a guarantee to pay back in seven days. Emma, who is a chaperon in a film house/massage parlor situated in the region, as indicated by onlooker, was given the aggregate of N1,000, with the balance of N100.

It was found out that Emma had demanded collecting the N100 balance instantly, however all intrigue for a last date failed to be noticed. As indicated by an onlooker, a fight resulted all the while, which constrained White London to go after a bottle, broke it and hit the bottle on his lender  head.

Absorbed his pool of blood, Emma additionally a bottle  and prevailing with regards to wounding White London on the neck. Actually, the jug entered profound into the neck and we saw some white things inside. Because of the immensity of blood that spouted out wildly, he kicked the bucket on the detect, (died)” the source revealed.

Img source: New india express

It was additionally accumulated that the executioner had endeavored to flee, however was captured by certain individuals from the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), who insinuated the police agents connected to Ijora Badia Division for his brief capture.

At the point when The Watchman visited the police headquarters, the body had been kept at an open funeral home, while game plan was being made to move the suspect to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Panti for additional examination.

Discoveries uncovered that Whitesand, scene of the occurrence, is a famous criminal nook that has resisted all endeavors by the state government to diminish since the time of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as representative. The territory is additionally home to various under-matured whores, who fill in as armorers to equipped looters.

Exploited people Similarly, the region is known to be the central station of 419’ers in Lagos, the same number of exploited people were said to have been tricked into their nook and duped of immense whole of cash after some time. Likewise assembled was that distinctive sort of hard drugs are shown audaciously whenever of the day, with dealers being belittled even by law requirement agents.

The present Official of Police in the state, Hakeem Odumosu, had during his residency as the leader of the team in 2003, removed crooks the zone, just for them to reemerge. The territory had likewise been struck commonly by the consolidated group of team, RRS and Mopol, fighters as of late.

Endeavors to get the remark of the police advertising official, DSP Bala Elkana, on the issue were ineffective as he didn’t pick his calls.

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School is overrated “series 2”



Welcome back readers, yeah i know it took a long, we still have Mr David here with us.

Interviewer: right Mr. David?

Mr David: Yes, I’m still right here!

Interviewer: What is the most challenging moment since you started this music stuff?

Mr David: Arrggh!! That was when I wanted to release a song some years back, worked with the producer and the sound was wack, I already announced when I wanted to drop the jam to my fams (I don’t call them fans)
Unfortunately wack sound came through, no time to adjust, had to drop it, I couldn’t even afford to blog it on a good site, It was so challenging.

Interviewer: And did they listen to it? Or did you receive any criticism on it?

Mr David: Well they commended my lyrics, but complained on the wack mastering as I expected.

Interviewer: Awwwn, that must have took a toil on you.

Mr David: Oh mehn, it really did.

Interviewer: Mr David, if you haven’t discover this talent.. what will you be doing?

Mr David: Lol ,Should I start listing? I’m a forex and crypto trader ,An art designer, Per time baker and at most I’m a digital marketer.

Interviewer: At such a young age! I’m impressed Mr David, very impressed! Do you ever regret walking this path?

Mr David: Oh thank you 🥰, Nah nah, and I won’t, no matter what I face along the line, the story would be wack if I give up!

Interviewer: Alright Mr David, what do you have to say to our readers who have talents but doesn’t have the same zeal for formal education.

Mr David: They should just look for a means to educate themselves, In one way or the other education is useful for any type of talent so u won’t be selling your hard work and gift to one educated fraud! Degree is just a proof, just be educated, understand how your line of talent works, how to sell your brand and stuffs, degree or not just get yourself educated, you get me? There are pdfs out here teaching people how to be successful in their line of talents, don’t just sit there!!

Interviewer: terrific! Thanks for sharing your opinion with us, we hope we’d be seeing you here again!

Mr David: It’s a pleasure being here ma’am

Hope y’all learnt one thing or the other in Mr David’s interview, now let’s move to our other indigenous youngster!! Welcome Mr Adetola Brownie!!

Interviewer: Mr Adetola, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Mr Adetola: I’m Adetola Brownie, I’m An OnlinePR, Blogger, Comedy Skit Maker, Music Promoter and Content Developer.

Interviewer: Wow, Mr Adetola.. that’s terrific you do a lot of things simultaneously….. can you please tell our readers your age and your educational level?

Mr Adetola: Well, I’m 26 and I actually dropped out of school when I was in Ss1..

Interviewer: Oh, I’m sure there are some people out there that will understand,
So Mr Adetola, when did you find out that this OnlinePR, blogging and comedy skit is your calling and not some desk work?

Me Adetola: Well I didn’t know I was into that at first, I didn’t even know there was something like PR or sort of, I didn’t go to school, internet taught me a lot, for someone who have been living his whole life on the internet, what do you expect? That’s when I knew I could start making a living on social media, took my time to learn this blogging stuff on YouTube! and the comedy skit was just a thing I used in passing time, but then everything changed,

Interviewer: How good are you now in PR and blogging stuff now?

Mr Adetola: As good as the ones y’all are paying now!

Interviewer: Oh really! So we should be expecting the male version of Linda ikeji anytime from now?

Mr Adetola: No ma, You should be expecting a new version of me.

Interviewer: When you discover this talent we’re you hindered by any factor? Be it your parents, friend or anyone?

Mr Adetola: Yeah parents, came from a background where they thought the best way in life is to learn work, get a wife, give birth and have a family, but I’ve always wanna break that yoke, and the breakthrough was that they bought a television, seeing celebrities on TV and all, made me determined that I want to be on screen one day.

Interviewer: Do you regret ever taking this path?

Mr Adetola: Never

Interviewer: smiles I like your determination spirit, Mr Adetola, what do you have to say on our today’s topic “School is overrated”?

Mr Adetola: Yeah, school is overrated! We Africans have this mentality, if you ain’t in school, you suck!, The thing is most of us are in school for the certificate, there are loads of educated people out there who didn’t make it to school, they set up a company and end up employing people who spend there whole life in school, I’m not saying school isn’t essential, but we can always do something else if we don’t make it to school, I’ve seen loads of students, and I asked myself this questions, how did they pass jamb to gain admission?

Interviewer: Hmm, I’m enlightened by your words Mr Adetola…
What do you have to say to our readers out there who have talent but doesn’t have the same zeal for formal education?

Mr Adetola: creativity, exploring are all part of education, this is not about the school you are, get a phone and put on yourdata!Google whatever and learn how to use your YouTube app, whatever you do, just get phone and sell yourself on social media!

Interviewer: even I myself learnt a lot from this interviewer and I’m sure our readers too did, thank you for being here with us today Me Adetola, we wished you success in anything you put your heart into.

Mr Adetola: you are welcome ma’am

Now that we’ve read from both sides, we can see that school is not everything, white collar job is not everything! What should a vulcanizer do? A make up artists? A designer? A stylist? All this professions doesn’t need you to be in school 24/7 ..they are your talents, they are work you can do well!! God gave you this talent , USE IT!

To listen to Mr David latest single Click Here

You can also search for Mr Adetola on Instagram & Twitter @icraze6 .. make their dream come through!! If you are interested in being our next interviewee message me directly on WhatsApp @ 09083403625

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School is overrated



I suppose when some of y’all saw the heading of this article, you’d be like what is she saying, but nevertheless, school is really overrated, there so many factors that leads to success and it’s not until you passed through the four corners of school until you’d be successful, there are so many young individual out there that didn’t have the advantage to learning in a well condition or even at all any school, but later in life they made big waves.

Enfocing school and degree on a young individual that doesn’t have the zeal for it is like taking a horse to the stream, you can force it to the stream but not force it to drink, that’s the way of life, we all have segments and angle we are good in, and you don’t have to go to school to be educated, being literate doesn’t mean you have to go to school, university and all.. you can have a teacher at home, a friend, even anyone can be your teacher as long as they are versed in that particular field, getting a degree is just a prove, but not everyone with a degree is learned, some are just stupid fools with a B.A.

Not everyone wanna be a doctor, lawyer, dentist, accountant, not everyone wants to sit behind a desk!, not everyone wants a white collar job, so why did they have to go through the stress of statistics, mathematics and logistics?? Why did they have to use some of their youthful years to study in school?

Today here with me, I have two young individuals here to contribute and give us more insights as to why formal learning or why school is overrated.

Interviewer: Good day!, Mr David.. can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Mr David: Yeah, good day guys! Thanks for having me y’all, I’m David, an artiste popularly known as daive!

Interviewer : I bet our readers are glad to have you here, Mr David! Can you please tell our readers your age and your educational level?

Mr David: Of course, I’m just 21 years old, currently studying in Peter kings, a music school, offering a professional music course and learning of music instruments.

Interviewer: Wow, Peter Kings? I’m not sure I’ve heard of that musical college before! So Mr David, when did you discover your talent? And did you experience any hindrance from your parents, friends or anyone?

Mr David: Well the music school is located at badagry and my humble readers can Google it for more clarification, and yeah, I’ve been singing since I was 11 I think, doing covers of songs I love, discovered i can vibe to beats and I have rhythms
Well my parents are the “do what u want” type as far as it isn’t illegal.
Well my friends have been supportive, they are my motivation.

Interviewer: That’s very good, it would have been great if other young artistes out there too have an encouraging parents as yours, parental criticism of talent over formal education is one of the major setbacks a young artiste face these days

Mr David: Yeah, and that’s so bad, if your children have talents, don’t be a hindrance for them to showcase it.

Interviewer: This talent…I mean singing and writing songs…was it a natural talent or was it cultivated through hardwork?

Mr David: Lol, this is actually a great question, It’s a natural talent, but talent isn’t everything, my first song lacked professionalism, doesn’t mean I’m not talented but I just haven’t worked hard enough to discover the kinda genre I should do, Music is wide, it takes talent, hardwork and enlightenment to excel, we never reach there tho, but we moving!!

Interviewer: I’ve never thought music is this wide, so how good are you now in song writing and singing? Rate yourself over 10!

Mr David: I’ll give myself 8, I could have rated myself 10, but I’d do that when I master some genres I’m Lowkey learning.

Interviewer: 8!! That’s awesome! So we should be expecting another starboy in the music industry any moment from now right? Haha

Mr David: Lol, what’s greater than star? Lemme just say y’all expect planet boy, hehehe..

Interviewer: Readers!! Expect planet boy!! Yeahh, hahaha , What is the most challenging moment since you started this music stuff?

Hey readers !! Stay active for the second series!! Where we’d continue our Interview with Mr David AKA planet boy!! And we’d also welcome Another indigenous young individual!

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