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To Love Again (Episode 1)



“Daniel Daniel.What is wrong with you.uh.? Trisha asked obviously angry at his brother
“mind your language young lady, I’m still your elder brother”Daniel retorted
“and I don’t give a darn. Come on Danny it’s been ten years.ten long years since that Lauren of a woman left you.You should be over her by now.why haven’t you remarried?
“Because, trisha.All women are the same.they only want your money and when the money disappears, so do they.I don’t need a woman in my life.I am fine the way I am
“oh yeah? She asked, Arms akimbo
“yeah.”Dan replied dropping the pen he was holding and turning to face Trisha
“then what about Tania Dan? Don’t you think she needs a mother in her life? She needs love and care.something you don’t give her.”
“Are you trying to say I’ve not been a good father? Dan asked getting infuriated at his sister
“as a matter of fact, that is exactly what I mean.
“How dare you.I pay her tuition feed her.i..
“And you think that is what makes you a good father.huh?I doubt you even remember her birthday. When last did you take her out Daniel? When it comes to family days in her school had you ever been there?darn you Dan.she is going be thirteen soon. You’ve missed out on ten years of her life.all you do is’ve been filling in for you which is going to end any moment. I’ll be married in two weeks and will be leaving to Canada with my husband.go get a wife Dan.yes Laura never loved you, she duped you and all but there are still good women around, get married please. Are you listening to me?
“I’m sure I would still hear you even if I had an earphone on.look Trisha, there are no good women me a woman that is not after my money.(scoffs).wife indeed.I can get a maid or something but a wife?no way.never happening.” he stood up and went to his room.
“SMH. (sighs).a maid is close enough I guess.
*Backwards 14 years ago*
Daniel was a young successful businessman.he made his money early not without his father’s influence though. Immediately Dan finished school his dad did not waste time in securing him a job.from there he established his own and in no time he was swimming in money.

One evening after work, Daniel who was tired and hungry went into a restaurant to eat and that was where he saw her.she looked like an angel in her red gown that hugged her and showed her killer curves.she certainly had heads turning.she was already set to leave when Dan walked in, and he was not about letting her slip through his fingers.he ran after her.
“hiii.. beautiful.. hellooo.excuse me”
“yes.what can I do for you.?” the lady asked not looking at him
“ummm you could give my heart back to me.”
“Pardon?” she said raising her head
“yea you stole my heart away the moment you stepped in and I came to get it back or I might die.”
“(laughing)oh stop it.”
after a little chit-chat, he asked for her number Laura looked at him from his head down to his shoes
“not bad.” she thought
three years after their meeting, they got married soon they had a baby girl but things began to fall apart.his business was going down the drain, and they had incurred debts everywhere.that was when Laura left him.he couldn’t turn to his father because they had a bit of a fall out when Dan decided to go his way.his friends abandoned took two months to realise that Laura was responsible for his fall All the while she was with Dan and working in the company, she had been stealing and transferring money from the company’s account to another account which they later found out belonged to her boyfriend.Laura didn’t just drain and dupe Daniel, but she also cheated on him and all the attempts to smoke her out failed, so they let the issue die.during that period Dan became a heavy drunk. All Trisha’s endeavour to stop him failed and if she hadn’t been around, there would be no telling of what might have happened to Tania.
Dan sat on his bed thinking out loud
“it took me seven f**king years to get back on my feet get my shit back together, and she’s talking about a wife I’m not about letting a woman come and mess my life up again.nope.not happening.



Hmmmmmmm. Some women


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My Law School Experience



This period of my life was one of the times when you’re sure that God is indeed faithful. With the words spilling over and itching to come out of my mind, I’ll try to make this as compact as possible, God helping me.

Please follow me as this story unfolds.

I was among the last few to get posting to campus. The academic year had begun by November, my colleagues had even gone on Christmas break and back, lectures had resumed; and yet I hadn’t been posted. People started questioning the fact that I had graduated and that I was supposed to be in law school. I was so frustrated that I almost forfeited going that year. And my dad (God rest his soul) had told me that he was financially buoyant, and couldn’t afford to pay the fees.

But I never stopped hoping. I reached out to someone working in Law School headquarters, and I was told that my file was no where to be found. You can imagine the thoughts that plied the streets of my mind at that time. I had to pay the guy to help search for it. After weeks of waiting, I don’t even remember how it was sorted, but God came through. And I was posted to the campus at Adamawa state.

After some difficulties, my dad sold one of his landed properties and gave me 70% of the money for my fees. I felt bad about that and even though I wanted to go to Law school that year, I felt sorry for him and almost forfeited the admission; but he prayed for me and asked me to go. I travelled at midday because I wanted to meet up with the campus registration deadline as the journey would take two days. I got to Abuja late in the night and with the help of a friend, I slept in a stranger’s house. God was with me at every step and paved ways for me. Early next morning, I found myself on the road to Adamawa state.

The journey was long and tiring. And I arrived at the Nigerian Law school, Yola, Adamawa state.
My stay on campus was very interesting; I made new friends, who had both positive and negative effects on me. Studying was sweet torture because I had to do it double time since I resumed really late. At home, my dad was sick and the man who we sold the land to was demanding a refund for reasons best known to him. My heart went out to my dad because when all these was going on back home, he didn’t want me to know.

Times when I called to check on him, he always seemed fine and refused to say otherwise. I only got to know how bad it was, on one of such calls, on his birthday, the 19th of march, when my sister picked his call. He was in coma. I was distraught and intensified my prayers. I couldn’t study as constantly as I used to. And that was the reason (I found out from my sisters) he refused to let me know what was happening. He died few days later.
I was in church on a Sunday morning when my mom called to give me the news. You can imagine how sad I felt. Even as I type this, tears still come to my eyes anytime I remember this moment. I felt like everything was on standstill, a very trying period. All parts of me was shattered into smithereens. But I had to pick up each small piece and put it together for my family and myself. Friends supported too and the rest of the academic year went by.

Today, by His mercies, I’m a lawyer. As impossible as it was then, it came to pass. So to all those who are going through situations, law school and others, God will always come through; as surely as the rains, with each drop falls to the ground. Arise and Believe! This is my story, my song.

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To Love Again (Episode 3)



Episode 3
Daniel woke up at exactly 6:30am.He slammed his hand on the alarm and it abruptly stopped its noise. He wanted to be at work early today not that he had to.I mean he is his own boss, but he wanted to get away from Trisha’s constant blabbing about getting a wife.7:15 he was set to go.He walked into d parlour and met Trisha putting finishing touches so Tania would go to school
“Dan, you’re leaving early.?
“umm.Yeah.I have to catch up with an early appointment, he lied..
“Okay. Dan?.”
“Yes .??”
“(pointing at Tania but with her eyes)..
“Oh Yea.Hi Tania, how are you? ”
“Answer me when I talk to you, young lady.”
“Whatever” Tania responded rolling her eyes as she walked to her room
“Come back here.Tania.I am your dad and you will show me respect.Tania…
“Stop it Dan, stop it.She’s just a kid and, besides, you can’t blame her can you?”
“What.She disrespected me and all you can say is I can’t blame her.What have you been teaching her?
“Don’t you dare turn this on me Dan, don’t..
“You know What?.I don’t have time for this.See you later.
“Yea, run away again.”
She went to tania’s room and saw her crying..
“No.No.No.Baby, don’t cry.Please don’t cry.shhhhhh…”
“Why does daddy hate me?did I ever do something wrong?”
“Sweetheart, don’t think that way. Your daddy does not hate you, he, he just has alot on his mind.He’ll come around.”
“Why does everyone one I love leave me?daddy hates me, mom left me now you’re leaving too.”
“Oh my.You know I’d stay if I could.I’ll be visiting though and there will be a new maid.I promise you’ll love her.”
“I don’t want a new maid.I want you, I want you..” she said, finally broke down in tears.
—————————————— ——————————————
Dan was seated in his office going through some files that was on his table when he entered.He heard a knock on his door.
“come in.” he said
“Sir. Good morning sir.How was your night..” Betty asked flashing a seductive smile…
“FABULOUS! yours?”
“Was ok, would have been better with you on my bed tnough”.she whispered to herself..
“Did you say something?”
“ummmmm.No sir”
“hmmmmmm.What do you have for me.?
“OH.Yes sir…
“Ok.Thanks for the briefing, I’ll get back to you later..”..
“Ok sir..
“And Betty, next time when coming to work, please put on something a little more appropriate and decent not something that exposes you.It’s not good for business.understood?”
“Yes sir.”..she replied feeing embarrassed
Daniel is a middle-aged man of 37.Golden brown hair brown,sun-tanned skin with a body that leaves ladies breathless ,maybe because he works out.The gym was his second best place.The first is his office.Yes Daniel was a workaholic, being the owner of a million dollar firm, the Connor telecommunication corporation.He was rich.The whole package. It’s no wonder the ladies flock around him.He smiled to himself satisfied with what his words did to Betty
just then his phone rang
“hmmmm.Speak of the devil.hello
Trish.What’s up? ”
“what’s up? what’s up? Really Dan. what’s the time?You were supposed to be home early to help in selecting a maid.There’s a crowd here.I can’t do this alone
“Oh come on Trish(rolling his eyes)You can do it.Besides, I’m very busy here.I can’t come home now” he lied.
“It can’t be that hard.Just ask a few questions, check out their appearance . stuff like that. You can do it, I know you can.I have go Trish.Bye”
“Don’t you dare hang up.Dan! Dan!
The phone was dead
“shit!You’re going to get it Dan.(sighs)It’s going to be a long day..

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First Born Syndrome: How To Overcome It



I was sitting on a pear tree, with my legs dangling from the branch; I would scream time and again at a sibling as they chased each other in a circle. Then unconsciously, I would take a glance at the street which led to our compound for signs of daddy’s white Peugeot 504.

Then, I would go back to watching my siblings play. I always wondered how they did it. I didn’t know how to play, neither did I get the chance to. I was told at every opportunity to look after the children. I was always scared of making mistakes, I wanted to please dad and mom, always waiting for a word of encouragement to tell me how I’ve been doing a good job. It never came. “Proooooom, prooooom”, came the sound of daddy’s car from a distance, jolting me out of my reverie. My siblings were already at the door, struggling all at once, to enter the house before daddy’s car came into the compound. You’d have thought they were being chased by a masquerade.

I quickly jumped down from the tree and ran inside to close the door. When daddy came into the house, guess what…we looked like innocents; he met all 6 of us, in our room, engrossed with reading, like we’ve been busy all day. We only raised our heads to welcome him and went back to reading. After my dad went to his room, the siblings started chuckling. My next reaction was to whisper to them to be quiet. Sometimes, they listen, sometimes they don’t.

Being a first child can be stressful, yes, it has its benefits; but you can be in a lot of pressure. Especially when it’s being drummed in your ears at every slight chance that you have a lot of responsibilities, be it to watch the siblings or as regards the household chores. We can be controlled when taking charge of these responsibilities, which can lead to excess stress for a child who already feels pressure to be perfect. How can you help these “mini-adults”?

How To Overcome Firstborn Syndrome.

Try not to overload the child in proportion to his/her age or capabilities. Provide opportunities for the child to play and relax. They learned how to be mini-adults so fast they’ve forgotten how to play. They need vocal permission to be kids. I never saw myself as a kid; I always felt grown up and thought that that was all there was to be an adult. Leadership skills should be encouraged by asking them to teach their siblings with love, how to perform tasks. The first child has the tendency to be bossy; sometimes giving commands the way they’ve seen their parents do. This habit has to be curbed at its early stage. Encourage and praise him/her at intervals, because they can do anything to please their parents and meet up to expectation; and when this is not forthcoming, they feel miserable because they believe they’ve failed. Be careful of the words you say to them. Spend quality time with them, talk to them in a casual manner; not drilling them with questions on homework or responsibilities.

Conclusively, firstborn children should be appreciated; let them know that you recognize their worth, shower then with love and make sure you lead by example, the values of saying, “sorry”, “please” and “thank you”.

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To love again (Episode 2)



Episode 2
“oh boy! I never knew relocating would be so stressful. Jeez I ache all over.(turning around).And the place is a mess. How on earth I’m I going to clean this place up
myself. Gosh! ”
Just then she heard a knock on the door. Mitchell muttered something to herself before opening the door.
“ummmm, yes? Can I help you?”.Mitchell asked since it appeared the lady at the door wasn’t going to say anything.
The lady was of average height with oily, honey coloured skin probably in her late twenties. She had an oval shaped face with large eyes that seemed too sharp. She was a bit chubby, curvy but chubby.
“Oh sorry, just that you look awfully familiar. Anyway, I heard we were going to have a new neighbour and I’m guessing it’s you?
“Yeah that’s me.(chuckles)The new neighbour.
“Oh good, I’m Lauren by the way…
“Lauryn ok I’m Michelle nice to meet you.
They stood staring at themselves in silence before Lauryn spoke again.
“Need help?from my view the place is really messy and you’re going to need all the help you can get.
“ummmm, You don’t mind?”
“Of course not besides, I’m bored. I took the day off work .It’s no biggie.
“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you .I’m pretty sure I’m going to die if I tried doing this myself, i mean look at the place you are a lifer saver. My knight in shining armour or is it knightress?
They laughed as they went in. Mitchell is slightly taller than Lauryn with a flawless yellow skin, a bit slender with the right amount of flesh in the right places. she had jet black hair that usually falls down her shoulder but presently packed into a bun at the back of her head. She had thin lips and slightly big brown eyes that once had cheerfulness in them but are now a little dull. Her long nose was now red because the dust made her teary-eyed. She usually gets a red nose when she sniffs too much.
Both ladies hair were now tussled, Mitchells bun fell loose but is still held together by her ribbon.

Both ladies’ were now on the floor laughing their ass out. For people who just met today they bonded pretty well.
“Are you serious? He really did that?Mitchell asked amidst laughter.
“I am dead serious.”
“My God!How crazy can a guy get. But…
She was interrupted by her phone, it was her mom
“Hello mom, how are you ?
“Oh please don’t give me that like you care.”
“Mom What is this about? I don’t
remember pissing you off.
“Really? Mitch.I’m very sure you’ve arrived, and you didn’t call to let me know. Despite knowing my heart condition you still allowed me to worry.
“(hands over her mouth) mom. It didn’t cross my mind, the place was a mess and I.
“See why you need a man?Her mom interrupted. He would have helped you.
“Not again mom! I’ll hang up if you don’t quit it.
“But Mitchell, it has been seven years since the divorce, and its just one guy. Are you going to remain like this all your life?
“Mom! Mom! One guy?Have you forgotten Lake and John?Please mom drop this topic. I’m fine the way I am.
“But Mitchell …
“Bye mom, ” Mitchell said as she hangs up
it has been seven years since the divorce. Mitchell had been married three years to Mark .It was blissful the first year but few months into the second year, Mark changed. He began to keep late nights, developed a temper and would hit her at every fault. She had tried leaving severally but Mark would beg and promise to change. She had the last straw when she found out Mark had another family elsewhere. No wonder he didn’t want kids. She filed for a divorce. Since then, it had been one heart break after the other, she dated other guys but it never worked. She had since decided that love was not for her and gave up. She was so lost in thought that she forgot Lauryn was still there…
“ummm…hello…I’m still here..”
“OH! sorry. i..
“No problem, I think you need time alone. Besides, its late and I gotta be early for work.
“ok i’m really sorry and thanks for your help you’re an angel.
“Don’t mention it. I’m glad I could help goodnight.
she walks her to the door
“goodnight.(sighs and closes the door).

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School is overrated



I suppose when some of y’all saw the heading of this article, you’d be like what is she saying, but nevertheless, school is really overrated, there so many factors that leads to success and it’s not until you passed through the four corners of school until you’d be successful, there are so many young individual out there that didn’t have the advantage to learning in a well condition or even at all any school, but later in life they made big waves.

Enfocing school and degree on a young individual that doesn’t have the zeal for it is like taking a horse to the stream, you can force it to the stream but not force it to drink, that’s the way of life, we all have segments and angle we are good in, and you don’t have to go to school to be educated, being literate doesn’t mean you have to go to school, university and all.. you can have a teacher at home, a friend, even anyone can be your teacher as long as they are versed in that particular field, getting a degree is just a prove, but not everyone with a degree is learned, some are just stupid fools with a B.A.

Not everyone wanna be a doctor, lawyer, dentist, accountant, not everyone wants to sit behind a desk!, not everyone wants a white collar job, so why did they have to go through the stress of statistics, mathematics and logistics?? Why did they have to use some of their youthful years to study in school?

Today here with me, I have two young individuals here to contribute and give us more insights as to why formal learning or why school is overrated.

Interviewer: Good day!, Mr David.. can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Mr David: Yeah, good day guys! Thanks for having me y’all, I’m David, an artiste popularly known as daive!

Interviewer : I bet our readers are glad to have you here, Mr David! Can you please tell our readers your age and your educational level?

Mr David: Of course, I’m just 21 years old, currently studying in Peter kings, a music school, offering a professional music course and learning of music instruments.

Interviewer: Wow, Peter Kings? I’m not sure I’ve heard of that musical college before! So Mr David, when did you discover your talent? And did you experience any hindrance from your parents, friends or anyone?

Mr David: Well the music school is located at badagry and my humble readers can Google it for more clarification, and yeah, I’ve been singing since I was 11 I think, doing covers of songs I love, discovered i can vibe to beats and I have rhythms
Well my parents are the “do what u want” type as far as it isn’t illegal.
Well my friends have been supportive, they are my motivation.

Interviewer: That’s very good, it would have been great if other young artistes out there too have an encouraging parents as yours, parental criticism of talent over formal education is one of the major setbacks a young artiste face these days

Mr David: Yeah, and that’s so bad, if your children have talents, don’t be a hindrance for them to showcase it.

Interviewer: This talent…I mean singing and writing songs…was it a natural talent or was it cultivated through hardwork?

Mr David: Lol, this is actually a great question, It’s a natural talent, but talent isn’t everything, my first song lacked professionalism, doesn’t mean I’m not talented but I just haven’t worked hard enough to discover the kinda genre I should do, Music is wide, it takes talent, hardwork and enlightenment to excel, we never reach there tho, but we moving!!

Interviewer: I’ve never thought music is this wide, so how good are you now in song writing and singing? Rate yourself over 10!

Mr David: I’ll give myself 8, I could have rated myself 10, but I’d do that when I master some genres I’m Lowkey learning.

Interviewer: 8!! That’s awesome! So we should be expecting another starboy in the music industry any moment from now right? Haha

Mr David: Lol, what’s greater than star? Lemme just say y’all expect planet boy, hehehe..

Interviewer: Readers!! Expect planet boy!! Yeahh, hahaha , What is the most challenging moment since you started this music stuff?

Hey readers !! Stay active for the second series!! Where we’d continue our Interview with Mr David AKA planet boy!! And we’d also welcome Another indigenous young individual!

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