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Is Nigeria Worth Dying For?



I have not been privileged to travel outside the shores of the Nigerian nation and the African continent. However, friends of mine who have been opportuned to travel out for study, work and holidays often say it to my hearing of how governments of other nations treat their citizens with care. The reverse seems to be case in Nigeria. It seems there is no sanctity and dignity of the human life. No wonder, citizens of other nations treat us with contempts.

Going down the memory lane, there have been several cases of the government failing to act as the custodian of the human person. Even in legal cases involving citizens of Nigeria and other countries, both within and outside the continent, citizens of other countries seem to gain the upper hand. This is because their government provides several facilities that make the legal process smooth sailing.

I remembered in 2014, when the nation was battling with the deadly Ebola Virus. Dr. Adadevoh Ameyo who in a bid to cure the virus lost her life wasn’t given any tangible award to honour her.

Also in another dimension, when cases of casualty involving military personnel is recorded, the way they are treated is horrifying. The whole situation is as though they have only followed the dictates of their heart. The families that are left behind are not given any special treatment. This was what dissuaded me from joining the military.

Whereas, governments of other nation states organise comprehensive welfare programmes for their citizens (old, young, literate and illiterate), we are ridiculed and made to suffer in the midst of plenty “. Unemployed youths are used as political instruments of thuggery during elections, while children of the rich feed of large budgets, this making things turn from bad to worse.

Before elections, political candidates suddenly turn the friends of the poor promising Heaven on earth. After suddenly wielding the sword of power to themselves, they turn enemies making ignorant ones believe it isn’t their duty to make things better. We are forced to accept the fact that travelling abroad won’t make things better and that Nigeria has a lot opportunities. On the contrary, dying in the face of war, doesn’t call for a heroic celebration.

Dying for one’s country is the highest level of patriotism. However, with the current realities, I cannot die for Nigeria. Dear reader, my question to you is this: Can You Die For Nigeria? Do share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Nigeria: Of Gerontocrats, Oligarchists Or Democrats?



Almost all social media and news organizations was agog with the news of the appointment of 75 year old Professor Ibrahim Agboola Gambari as the new chief of staff to the President, last Tuesday. This was following the unexpected event of the colossal loss of Alhaji Abba Kyari, the erstwhile Chief of Staff to the cold hands of death in the current COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world.

Since the death of the hitherto powerful chief of staff who clinged to the pinnacle of political power till he breathed his last, several questions have continued to scale through the minds of Nigerians and high ranking politicians as to who would be selected to fill the vaccum of governmental duties and responsibilities left behind by the late personality (Abba Kyari) who amassed such volume of power, influence and authority to the extent of been regarded as the interim leader in the absence of the President and Commander in Chief of the nation’s armed forces.

Going through the profile of the selected personality, one cannot but submit to the fact that he is skilled and versed in all matters relating to governance, political adminstration and the polity. This on its own was to be an extra feather in his cap considering his level of academic and managerial expertise.

Needless to say that Gambari crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s which undoubtedly saw him rising through the ranks to become a Professor of no mean repute. Apparently, all these earned him the rare privileges of serving the nation in different capacities both within and outside the country’s borders.

Reactions Trail Buhari’s Appointment of New CoS

However, it is best not to examine the issue at hand from the focal point of a single lens. Hence, it is if paramount importance to examine it using the full-fledged compass of equity, moral justice, fairness cum accountability.

Nigeria’s political structure of late has been regarded as dogmatic, one-sided and lopsided. It is as though, some categories of people and ethnic tribes have been destined by the gods and goddesses of politics to always be at the center.

The postulated Federal Character Principle which seeks to ensure that political appointments especially those at the federal level was shared by all states and local governments supporting the entire nation has been and is been trampled upon under different circumstances and conditions.

Historically, Nigeria returned to the democratic system of governance in the year 1999. This on its own wasn’t achieved on a platter of gold as the nation went through crucibles of civil and ethnic wars, coup d’etat inter alia.

The successful take over of the nation’s political authority by former President Olusegun Obasanjo from General Abubakar Abdulsalam that year marked a successful return to democracy. Consequently, a new constitution was drafted which defined Nigeria as a secular cum democratic state. Who then could have thought that after two decades we could have slided quickly into autocracy, oligarchy and gerontocracy?

The current reality of events makes many submit to the fact that Nigeria’s system is one of putting new wines in old bottles and keeping old wines in new bottles. This on its own berates the principle of Democracy and Rule of Law propunded by both Abraham Lincoln and Prof. A.V. Dicey and the which we claim to be practising.

While in theoretical terms, the country is said to be practising democracy as enshrined in our constitution, in practical terms however, we cannot lay full claim to the that fact as we have inoculated several systems of governance. An attempt to give the system a terminology would rather be a herculean task.

It is highly ludicrous and a display of absurdity in the veil of sarcasm and deceit for our political leaders to condition the minds of young Nigerians into believing that there is a paucity of hands to manage and stir the nation’s ship. Hence, the aged are needed to assist in political adminstration. How then do we want to believe the fact that the young can actually grow as we have been conditioned to accept several times? Or that we are the leaders of tomorrow like we have always sung from cradle?

While experience without mincing words is said to be the best teacher. Conversely, experience is not something to be built roughshod in the middle of the night. Thus, it is high time our leaders begin to make use of young chaps political adminstration.

If truly, Nigerian youths are the future of the nation, then I guess it’s time they be fully immersed in the nation’s political culture. Afterall, a Nigerian proverb has this to say that if a child would act smart in the future, his childhood doings would reflect that. I hope our leaders heed the warning.

Nigeria and Africa in general have be known for believe in the irrational political principle of recycling. This has made many of our leaders extremely drunk with political power. Time won’t permit to talk of Robert Mugabe who even at the age of 90 years clinched to the seat of Zimbabwe’s Presidency as though it were a lifetime occupation, or of Paul Biya who is currently the sitting President in Cameroon after over 35 years in power.

If truly, the late Benedict Odiase sang that the labour of our heroes past shall not be in vain, then it is high time we take speedy action lest we be caught by the wind.

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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Tell Your Partner If You Cheated



Cheating is definitely one of the crack that can lead to an untimely destruction of a loving relationship, because of the flaunting characteristics in human behavior,while most people view sexual contact as the ultimate betrayal, the other activities, while perhaps innocent at the outset, aren’t so black-and-white. but no matter what, cheating is cheating.

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Most times cheating occur when partners don’t have enough time together or when there’s lack of communication, in fact some people cheat because they aren’t happy in their current relationship. After cheating and realization finally dawn on you..what will you do? Will you tell your partner or not? Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t speak of this to your partner

Lack of trust: Trust me, if you cheat on your partner and after doing the deeds whether sexual deeds or not, the trust will be affected automatically, No matter how strong or deep the love is, there will always be a crack in it, that’s if the partner really loves you enough to continue the relationship, but if your partner is the possessive type, there’s no amount of cries or apology that can bring them back. 

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Insensitivity: After their knowledge of the fact that you cheated, their loving and caring attitude might changed towards you, and the angel you knew might turn to a demon in a blink of eye, that’s where the insensitivity comes in, some people might turn insensitive because they’d think after all the love they showed you, you still cheated on them, whereas it might be unintentional. Couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine had an unplanned sex with a stranger, well according to her, it was spur of the moment, I was surprised, this particular girl is headover heels in love with her boyfriend and I will never peg her as someone that’s likely to cheat, ” I felt so lost and empty” she said, I advised her not to say word of it toner boyfriend because the guy will be devasted, but she said if she continue keeping it in her mind, she won’t be able to move on, after telling the guy, he started treating her like shit and throwing her deeds to her face, she lived a live worse than hell, until she finally was able to snap out of it.

insecurities: in terms of insecurities, it happens if your partner really believed in you and thinks the world of you, such partner will prefer never to find out about your misdeeds, because it can leads to insecurities it can also leads to depression, you’d think you are saving the relationship by telling them but you are actually ruining their self esteem, affection, and even trust to brace another relationship. Of course there’s a saying which says “it’s not cheating unless you get caught”, but it’s still cheating still if you cheat, your conscience will continue judging you, to put it plainly, if you cheat and you tell your partner is just a way of avoiding the responsibilities, but you’dfeel peace after telling your partner but that might not stop you from doing it another time, whereas if you cheat and the fear of your partner finding out keep disturbing your mind, you’d want to do everything in your power to increase the feeling so your partner wouldn’t notice, to me, cheating is also a way of knowing whether you truly love your partner or not. If you can comfortably deceive your partner without any remorse, you are definitely not with the right person.

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COVID -19: Any End In Sight?



Since Mid March of this year, the COVID-19 hashtag has been trending over a plethora of social media -Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the likes. Like a new invention, the term suddenly became the talk of the whole town. Even peasants, market men and women have become familiar with the word which was aforetime known as 2019-nCoV by the World Health Organization but was later christened SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses.

COVID -19: Catholic Church Donates Hospitals As Isolation Centers

Unarguably, the ubiquitous nature of the disease which was first discovered in Wuhan, China, has caused more harm than good. Its destructive elements and tentacles has spread and is still spreading all round the globe making even the rich to tremble. Its cold hands has taken even the powerful and sent them to untimely graves. The whole situation makes one to believe that truly “the rich does cry too” and that if the storm can affect the one indoors, then the individual outdoors should be wary and careful too.

FG Gives Update On Reopening Of Schools Amid Coronavirus

Initially, people including myself were sceptical about it. Many thought it was more of a myth and an assumption. However, as the process of time passed, reality like a shinning sun dawned on all making us undoubtedly believe that it was not a myth but a reality.

Economies of giant nations and world powers have started to shed tears to the goddess of nature for mercy and pity. This is because its quantum effects cannot be measured in any known way that can be comprehended by the mortal minds of men. Consequently, several organizations have sent their workers packing as they are unable to satisfy their monthly demands (salaries, arrears). This has further increased the rate of unemployment, poverty, homelessness and ultimately crime.

While doctors, nurses and other officials in the health environment are working assiduously round the clock to find and proffer lasting solutions in the form of vaccines to the epidemic, it seems the goddess of success and luck haven’t rewarded their efforts with any worthwhile achievement as it could take a year or more before the safety and efficacy level of the drugs could be ascertained.

Buhari Orders Importation Of Madagascar COVID-19 ‘Remedy’ To Nigeria

According to the Forbes magazine, there are several questions about the disease which have not been totally answered. Some of these include: the deadly nature of the disease, the risk group as well as the rate of transmission. This has continued to cause a lot of worries and anxieties.

Apparently aware of the above scenario, the American Psychiatric Association, noted that “the ongoing pandemic is exerting the whole world both physically and mentally”. As a result of this, the question bothering the mind of all is: WHEN WILL COVID-19 END?

Current statistics obtained from the World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed that there are over 12,000 recorded cases across the world and over four thousand deaths. The record of deaths and casualties varies from one geographical location cum continent to another as only few countries such as Lesotho, Papua New Guinea, Anguilla and a others are yet to record cases and casualties (Daily Trust Newspaper).

Nigeria alone has recorded over a thousand cases and a considerable number of deaths according to the Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC). Day by day and with several tests been conducted, these figures continue to rise on a geometric progression making one doubt if Nigeria and the whole world in general can actually escape from the bondage of the corona virus pandemic.

Religious leaders in their show of power have beckoned on the government to give them a chance to heal patients that have tested positive to the virus. Nothing fruitful however, seems to come from the many attempts they have made. This on its own is a wonder as the virus seemed to have defied all medical and spiritual solutions.

The question therefore of when the corona virus disease will be over seems challenging and proves somewhat difficult. The simple interpretation of this is that the virus could have a permanent circulation in human beings just like runny nose and other flu like and respiratory disorders.

Google, Amazon Directs Employees To Work From Home

Thus, it seems there is no end in sight to the virus been wiped out. Medical prophecies have emanated that if the current tempo of the virus is sustained, over a billion people will be wiped out from the earth’s surface. How scary this sounds! Do we then begin to count our days like the scripture advised?

Well, inasmuch as there is no need to entertain fears and other emotional angst, there would be need for developed countries to brace up and deploy machineries and technologies to collect relevant data that can assist in decision making in respect to the pandemic. Importantly, is the issue of coming up with a new approach and strategy that integrates a rational and realistic mechanism to deal with the pandemic and nip it in the bud.

I do hope the above suggestions end in victory.

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