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Perfect Imperfections (Episode 6)



Even though we remained friends, Lucy and I grew apart when I became the teaching ministry head. I no longer spent time in her room; we lived in the same environment, yet, there were some days we didn’t see each other. I was pained at how the passing of each day widened the distance between us.

My friendship with Terry at this time, blossomed. It distracted me from thinking about Lucy. We did almost everything together but that was it. I didn’t want to spoil our friendship; besides, my brother had feelings for her. So I buried myself in church work.

I also had a friend in Bro. Joshua, our fellowship head. We were very close, so much so that, after discussing spiritual matters, we would talk about personal issues. No thought crossed my mind without his knowledge; in fact, he knew virtually everything about me. He was one of the reasons I didn’t loose my mind after the recent happenings with Lucy. 

400level was gone like a breeze. I already handed over the position I was holding; so Lucy and I resumed our friendship.  I still loved her and I thought we could somehow continue from where we left off. This time, I was no longer in school and she was in her finals; I was ready to have a serious relationship with her. I would travel back to school to see her on many occasions. But I noticed that her attention was divided.   

There was a new fellowship head, his name was Micheal. Joshua was in his finals too, and had handed over to Micheal. Lucy was in a close friendship with Micheal, even spending nights at his place to study. I was disturbed, so I would ask her repeatedly and she would say they were just friends. 

On one of such visits to see her, while questioning her friendship with Micheal, we had a heart to heart talk after such a long time. And she confessed something to me; to this day, I haven’t gotten over it.  Bro. Joshua and my Lucy had slept together. This blow knocked me out. I couldn’t believe he would do this to me. This was someone I trusted; he knew everything about me. I felt betrayed.     

Lucy told me she wanted to get back at me for cheating that one time; I couldn’t blame her. In fact, I found it easy to forgive her than Bro Joshua. I am not a violent person, I couldn’t confront him.  

And so, I bottled up the betrayal, blaming myself for what happened. Sometimes, I wonder if I should have talked to him, look him in the eye and hear what kind of excuse would spill out of his “backstabbing” tongue. I haven’t been able to trust anyone again.

Dear readers, I know some of you may have gone through a betrayal at some point. If you were in my shoes, what would have been your best approach in handling the situation. I need to know I have not made a mistake. 

The story continues… 

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The Nigerians – (Episode 4)



Mope was restless. Amora’s bar would not come alive for another 4 hours. She was in no mood for television series or nibbling snacks or visiting friends or indulging in any of her other favorite pastimes. Her eyes caught the portrait of her and her late husband. Teddy would have known what to do. His tickles, his boyish smile, his silly yet exhilarating humor would have done the trick. He was her magic wand and she missed him dearly. Since he passed away, most attempts at filling the void withered a few moments after the initial jolt of relish. Suddenly, she hated the 20-year age difference that had been wedged between her and Teddy. It meant she still had a longer time to live and a longer time to die while living. 

She pulled open the drawer beside the king-sized bed and retrieved an album. The photos brought back memories, each page associated with specific times in their history. The entire photobook held nothing of the memory of a child. They had been one of those couples who had never been blessed with the cries of a newborn. There had been no logical or health reason behind her infertility. Put simply, children had simply ignored her womb, seeking more worthy abodes. She sighed.

Someone knocked. It had to be the help. The gateman and the gardener were never allowed inside the house. ‘Come in, Toyosi’.

‘Good Afternoon Ma,’ She greeted, standing by the door.

‘How are you?’ Mope noticed Toyosi’s eyes. They were alive with quiet fear. ‘Why do you look like you have seen a ghost?’

‘No ghost Ma,’ she curtsied. ‘No problem.’

Mope was in no mood for silliness. ‘So what do you need, Toyosi?’

‘Erm… one madam is looking for you downstairs.’

‘Okay. Who is she?’

Toyosi’s response was swift. ‘I don’t know her before o.’ The defense in her response was unnecessary.

Mope sighed. ‘Let her in and offer her a drink. I will be with her soon.’

Mope observed the uncomfortably seated lady as she descended the stairs. The stranger’s elbows were resting on her thighs. She seemed oblivious to her surrounding.

‘Hello dear,’ Mope greeted, bringing the lady back to the present.

The stranger’s face shot up to look at Mope and she rose up almost immediately. ‘Good afternoon Ma,’ she greeted.

The lady looked like she was in her early twenties. Looking at her, Mope instantly felt a sense of foreboding. Her heart skipped a beat. The reason behind her househelp’s fear was obvious. The eyes, the nose, the full lips, the entire face of this lady reminded her of her late husband. Mope’s legs lost vitality and she sank into nearest seat.

‘Please seat down,’ Mope said.

The lady did as she was told.

‘What is your name?


Mope could guess the answer, but she had to ask. ‘Who is your father?’

Eniola hesitated. She had played the scenario in her head and she had not expected her late father’s wife to ask that question so early in the conversation. She struggled to hold Mope’s gaze. ‘Theodore Adetokunbo.’

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‘Teddy,’ Mope said. She got up and disappeared up the stairs.

Eniola understood the finality to Mrs. Mopelola ascent. She didn’t blame her. There was no textbook on how a woman would respond after finding out that her husband had fathered another. She asked herself again what she was doing here. She took out a piece of paper, wrote her name and phone number on it, and handed it to the house help.

‘She might need this later. Take care, Toyosi.’

Abass arrived at the venue fifteen minutes late. Thankfully, Nigerian time was still potent as guests had just started showing up. He quickly called his boss, Yayi and found out he had not gotten to the venue yet. He exhaled. Now he had the time to drink in the spectacle that was the venue. The hall was huge. The floor shone with black marbles, crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling, the chairs and tables were lavishly covered with exquisite cotton, and the entire experience was decorated by serene music playing from the DJ’s stand.

Abass noticed the speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Kayode Coker seated with his aide. Dr. Coker was tall, broad-shouldered and looked like he visited the gym regularly. They had met a week ago in another function. He had left an impression on Abass and Abass had left one also. The Ph.D. holder was famous for always been on time.

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He strutted up to the political icon. ‘Good evening Sir.’

Dr. Coker beamed, revealing deep set dimples. ‘Hello Abass. It is good to see you again, my friend,’ he responded, extending a handshake which Abass shook. ‘Is Yayi here?’

‘Any moment from now. How are you doing Sir?’

‘Very well, my friend. Very well.’

‘Glad to hear tha -’

‘Hello Dad,’ someone interrupted. The voice was feminine and sounded oddly familiar to Abass.

The moment their eyes locked, Abass realized that she was the damsel in distress. He had aided the daughter of one of the most powerful men in Lagos state without knowing it. She recognized him too.

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She beamed in a manner similar to her father’s. ‘Small world! Thank you very much for the help.’ She turned to her bewildered father. ‘Dad, this is the gentleman that helped me with the car issue on my way here.’

Abass grinned effusively like one who had just hit jackpot. Words evaded him for the time being.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives smiled and looked at Abass with newfound admiration. ‘Is that so? You are definitely in my good books now. Now, you must complete this act of chivalry by arranging to bring that car home. She is my daughter and I wouldn’t have her going to pick up any car at night. Lagos can be unsafe at night.’

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‘I totally agree Sir. I will figure something out.’ As if by cue, his phone rang. His boss had arrived. ‘Forgive me but I have to leave now. My boss is here.’

‘Alright. Swing by later for the address to my home.’ With that Abass left to find his boss, feeling like his stars were aligning wondrously.

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Painful Breakup: What’s Your Story? (Part 3)



Helen is in the kitchen, trying to fix herself dinner when she hears the door slam shut. She  jumped in fright and switched off the gas. Wiping her hands clean on the back of her shorts, she tiptoed back to the room. Maybe he won’t barge in today, but that’s a chance she’s not willing to take.

Wincing as the pain shot through her upper arm like an arrow in Russian roulette, she pulled up a big sweatshirt with a hoodie from her bag; the goal was to hide the marks on her face—he doesn’t like to see the marks on her body.

Tears threatened to fall from her eyes as her mind screamed in pain trying to pull on the sweatshirt. What will happen if he heard her as she screamed? What if he hit her again like last night? Like a movie on screen, last night’s episode flashed through her mind; still fresh in her memory…how he beat her till she passed out just because Jason, her friend from college called her on her cellphone. God! Please save me!

If it’s love, why does it hurt?

Eyes darting to the door, she realised it was closed.  Quickly, she scrambled for it and left it open. He doesn’t like her closing the door either. Her heart hammered in her chest like those drums she use to play in church when she was little. Only now they were beating out of rhythm. He didn’t want her playing drums anymore. He said it makes her proud. Oh God! I’m going crazy, would you help me? 

“Helen!” She jerked in fright, “he’s calling me, God what do I do?” She hurriedly wiped her eyes clean as he appeared in the doorway with a lopsided grin on his face. In a nanosecond, a deep frown replaced the grin. “Are you crying?”

He hastened over, grabbing her face by the chin. pushing the hoodie off her head, he looked her over as his mood swayed to the one she knew like the back of her hand. “Am I not treating you well? Why are you sad?”She frantically tried to explain when the blow came out of nowhere and landed square under her nose.

He let her drop on the bed and continued haranguing her about how she should be grateful to him. These biting words were no longer new to her, she was immune.

All of a sudden, like light shines in a darkened room, the wheels of her mind in motion, she rose up from the bed. “This isn’t the end, I don’t deserve this. I can get out of this.”

She felt like a Phoenix, rising out of the ashes. Seeing the her chance, she landed a blow on his groin and dashed out of the house without looking back.

 Are you in a relationship swimming in physical abuse? Do you feel like there’s no hope for you? Maybe you think you won’t survive on your own if you leave him/her; there are even scenarios where the lady is the violent one.

Unless you are like that lady who went on social media telling the world that she loves it when her man beats her and feels it’s his way of showing his love for her, you need to come out of that relationship.

 It’s common for someone who is being abused to feel that they somehow deserve it. It’s important to know that you’re never to blame. 

How To Know Your Relationship Is Abusive

  1. They check on you all the time to see where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re with.
  2. They try to control where you go and who you see, and get angry if you don’t do what they say. 
  3. They accuse you of being unfaithful or of flirting.
  4. They isolate you from family and friends, often by behaving rudely to them.
  5. They put you down, either publicly or privately, by attacking your intelligence, looks, mental health or capabilities.
  6. They constantly compare you unfavourably to others.
  7. They blame you for all the problems in your relationship, and for their violent outbursts.
  8. They say things like, ‘No one else will want you.’
  9. They yell or sulk, and deliberately break things that you value.
  10. They threaten to use violence against you, your family, friends or a pet.
  11. They push, shove, hit or grab you, or make you have sex or do things you don’t want to do.
  12. They harm you, your pets or your family members. 

You might even make excuses for them, defending them and taking the blame. You’re scared of what they’ll do when you leave them. Please reach out to someone if you’re in this category. Remember there are people who still care.

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Talents: Holding Back In Fear Or Building On Them?



My name is Stephen Umezurike and this is the story of how I went passed my fears, believing that I can be better. Today when i see how well I’ve grown as a singer and how good and different I sound, I believe that indeed growth is an achievable feat.

I had a rocky start as a singer, there were days where I felt like I didn’t have any talent and couldn’t sing. I was a great child singer and I remember getting a lot of candy and stick sweets singing Benita’s “Osemudiame”.

However as I grew older, it just seemed as though I didn’t know anything at all. I joined the choir and struggled with choristers who didn’t know how to hold a part and kept colliding with yours and making rehearsal unbearable; singers will understand me.

Anyway, I was a fast learner and grabbed parts very quickly unlike other people but I had a problem; my confidence!!

I remember being asked to shut up and keep quiet one rehearsal day and worst of all, my Pastor shouted when he heard an off key I sang backing up one Sunday.

That experience killed me and I remember it made me become a master at giving excuses almost anytime I was asked to sing a song, lead a solo or even backup.
I would go late for rehearsals, lie that I had a running stomach or that I was stooling.

But somehow, I never stopped getting solos or opportunities to lead a choir piece or even back up, it was as though they were seeing a potential in me that I wasn’t.

What exactly was my problem? Confidence? fear? what people will say? I was often afraid, I didn’t want to flop or murder the song, I didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

Unknowing to me that I was doing myself a great disservice. I was emptying my confidence tank, I was losing my essence and I was dependent on people’s praises.

Now, I’ve learnt to be willing to make mistakes, to be confident and yet be humble no matter what, to sing that off key because I can learn to be on key, that growth is possible and progressive and that just as people see your potentials, the first and most important person who needs to see it is you.

I’ve learnt today to appreciate everyone’s uniqueness, everyone’s capabilities but more especially I’ve learnt to appreciate my uniqueness and my capabilities; my gift is what distinguishes me from the next person and I don’t need anyone’s affirmation to know that I am valuable.

So please, don’t be held back by anything, keep growing, keep learning and don’t stop believing in what God has deposited in You.

I just pray my choir master and pastor don’t read this post, they’ll finish me for all those lies I told. I AM SORRY.

Hahahahaha 😅😅😅😅

Have a blessed week.

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