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The Left Side Of Wright (Episode 3)



Wow! Don’t you just love a beautiful monday morning; I wonder why some people groan about going to work on a monday. Probably because they’re tired of the routine their job brings, who knows?  It sure isn’t tiring or boring for me; I love what I do. Besides the air is clear and has a certain delicious smell; literally and figuratively. I could taste it. The sun was ready to rock and roll, even though It was just 8am. Say hi to vitamin D this morning!  Chineke daalu!

I boarded a minibus to Etuk street, where our beauty saloon was situated. Yikes! I haven’t mentioned my best friends; Imaobong and Osebhajimede; they’d pound me to mush if they were in my head right now.

The “jelly beans” are always wanting to be in the fore front of my affairs. Huge thorns in my flesh they are. I love them like that though.

 We pooled resources to start up ‘The Trio beauty palace’.  As our names already imply, we’re from different tribes but good old NYSC brought us together. We had just finished our service to the nation when Ose, who is from Edo state brought the brilliant idea, it was obvious she didn’t want to go back home. Imaobong was originally from here and I literally grew up here with my parents.

While applying for jobs, we thought it’d be best if we put our extracurricular skills to work. You know the situation of unemployment in Nigeria; God forbid that ‘worn out shoes and faded clothes’ should be our portion.

 We also planned to improve on some digital skills subsequently. It wouldn’t hurt to have multiple streams of income, would it?

I met my girls at the entrance of the salon. It was as if we planned to arrive the same time. Who says there aren’t coincidences? We began the day with great gusto. Customers flooded into the salon so much I had already done ten hairstyles by the time it was 2pm.

 My hands hurt from the braids and twists which were my specialty. As elegant as the finished look is, they take extra time and energy. I had to take a moment to recharge. I was slurping up the last of my ice cold pink fruity smoothie which I usually make for the shop, when a tall dark stranger walked in.

The atmosphere in the shop went so silent you could hear a needle drop. It was like a high tension energy filled the shop.

“Hello Ladies!” He wore a very charming smile on his face and seemed to be taking note of the insides of our shop. He didn’t stand at the entrance like a real stranger would, but walked in quick strides and sat on the only free seat in the salon.

For someone looking for directions, he seemed so sure of himself. Legs crossed, he said, “forgive me, I’m new in the area. I need directions to Akpa na edem market”.

For a moment, we looked at each other; I wonder what the girls were all thinking. I cleared my throat and described the route he should take. I watched as he slowly nodded to all my directions.Without further ado, he stood up and walked out of the shop with a backward glance. I turned to see fifteen pair of eyes focused on me like fifteen owls.

To be continued…

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Conquered By love – (Episode5)



Vanessa walked into the restaurant. She was tired and exhausted from the days work. Her first day and it was this tiring.

“Hello nessa. kumusta ka?(how are you?”

“Mabuti (fine).

“Hey. You got it right this time (smiling). You look tired.”

“I am. Resumed work today and it was exhausting Miriam.”

“Awwn, so sorry. Should I get you the usual oorrr…” She trailed off

“Naaahh. I’ll just have spaghetti. If I take lechon or adobo, I might not be able to walk back home.” she said laughing

“That is so true. I’ll be right back”

*ring ring*
Nessa’s phone rang. It was Janeth.

“Hello big sis.” she spoke weakly..

“Hey Chloe. What’s wrong? You don’t sound okay..” Jane asked concerned

“Its nothing. Just so tired from work.” she said yawning.

“Don’t swallow the phone. But its your first day. You’re not supposed to be this tired.”

“First day, yea but I happen to resume at a bad time so to say. They are loosing customers and decided to do a fashion show to draw the public. All hands were needed including the new bee. so..”

“Yea. I get it. You’ll survive. You always do.” Janeth said.

“Thanks sis. Oh. What about the maid. I could use one right now”

“Oh that, I’m working on it. I’ve gotten a few. Just tell me when you’re free. They’ll come over and You’ll choose the one you like.”

“Ok sis. You’re the best.”

“Awwwnnn Thanks. Gotta go. Just wanted to check on you. Night night..” she said and hung up.

Some mins later Miriam came with
the food

“Sorry I took a while. Something came up that needed my attention.” she explained.

“Its ok. Its fine.”

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

“Hello sir. Good morning. You sent for me?”

“Yes I did. Have a seat Vanessa.” Raphael said.

She sat down

“uumm. Its been a week you started working and I must commend you. As a tradition you’re entitled to your own car. That’s why I called you. Here’s the key to your car. Its parked outside. You can go check
it out if you want.” he said.

“Of course I want.” She yelled in excitement snatching the
keys from him and ran outside.

“Wooooooooooow. Bentley continental GT. Oh my gosh” she screamed.

She rained kisses on the car not knowing Raphael was watching.

She turned to see him staring at her. She quickly composed herself

“Th..thank you sir.” she said.

“(smiling) You’re welcome.” he said turning to go back inside

“uumm sir?”


“What about a driver? I really don’t know the city well and my job requires movement.”

“Oh don’t worry about that. He’ll be the first person you see monday morning. I’m sure that you atleast know the way to your house?”

“Yes sir. I can drive myself home.”

“Ok. Happy weekend Vanessa.” he said and went back in.

Vanessa quickly brought out
her phone and called Janeth.

“Hello Janey.” she called in excitement

“Whooa. Janey? Haven’t heard that in a while. Someone’s excited. Did a cute guy propose?”

“Oh please! I told you. No guys for me. Its not that. I got my car today. A Bently.”

“Woooooow. Congratulations baby sis. You deserve it.”

“Thank you. How are you doingband
family?” Vanessa asked

“We’re fine. Actually planning a vacation.”

“Wait. Vacation? What about the maid stuff we talked about. I’ll be free tomorrow.” she said

“Oh that. I’ve emailed you their details. You just have to go over them and pick the one you like.”

“Okay sis. Thanks.”

“Oh and Chloe?”


“Please give a thought to the marriage thing. You..

“Jane, Jane, Jane stop. I’m happy the marriage thing is working for you but its not for me Jane. Its not. Not after all I’ve been through in the hands of men. I hate them Jane. So please, stop trying to talk me into it. I’m okay being by myself. Okay?”

“(sighs) Ok. bye.”

Vanessa got into the car and started the engine. She smiled

“Mehn this feels good.” she said and drove off.

She made a stop at the restaurant. Bought something to eat and drove

® ® ® ® ® ® ® ®
® ® ® ® ® ® ®

Vanessa woke up saturday morning. She didn’t check her email for the details Janeth sent.

She went to her computer and opened her email.

She began to go through them one by one

“Eric? Nope I don’t need a male. uummm. Matilda, too old. Mabel, hmmmm. kinda young. Miriam. wait! Miriam? I thought she works at the restaurant. I think i’ll take her”

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Conquered By love- (Episode4)



6:45am monday morning saw a gorgeously dressed Vanessa.

She wore a black pencil belly skirt that was below her knee and tucked in a
bright yellow shirt, a black heel and a yellow bag.  She let her hair fall on her shoulders. Her make up was light.

Janeth had told her to be there by 8:00am on the dot.

Since she didn’t have a driver yet and did not know the location of the place, she decided to go early, incase she misses her way, she’ll still make it there on time.

She stepped out, locked her door and walked to the road.she waved down a taxi

“Magandang umaga..saan ka pupunte? (good
morning.  where are you going?) ” the driver greeted

“uuuumm. I don’t understand your language man..” she said

“Oh!. I’m sorry.  you English. I asked where you’re going to.”

“ok. I don’t really know the location? it’s henson clothing company..?”she said

“Ok. I know there. Get in..” he said

“Oh thank God.” She whispered.

She got in and he drove off.

“Umm. You new here?” he asked.

Vanessa was in no mood to talk she was nervous but she answered him. It might help her calm down..

“Yea. I am. Moved here three days ago..”

“hhmmmm. You’re beautiful. Married?” he asked casting a lustful glance at her before turning to face the road.

“I’d rather not talk about my personnal life mister.” she said trying to hide her irritation

“Oh c’mon. I’ll do you good. Don’t be shy..” he said stopping the car and turning to face her

“Look here. You don’t know me or what I’m capable of doing.  If you don’t move this car and take me to my destination I swear I will rip out your balls and feed it to the dogs.” she
said breathing heavily.

The look she had on scared the hell out of the driver.

“Yes ma’am. I’m sorry ma’am..” he said and drove off.

Some mins later they arrived.

She stepped down and brought out her purse to pay him

“Don’t worry about it monster.. I mean
ma’am.” he said and zoomed off.

Vanessa smiled to herself

“Now that’s what I’m talking about..” she said and entered into the building.

She walked up to the secretary.

“Hi good morning. How can I help you?” the secretary greeted with a smile

” I was supposed to meet with
your boss today.?”

“Do you have an appointment with

“No I mean yes. Well it was my sis. no my friend who contacted him on my behalf..”

“Ooh! Ok. Let me call him.”

“Ok thanks.”

The secretary called him…

“Hello sir… I’m sorry for disturbing you sir but there is a…” she trailed off

“What’s your name please.?”

“Chlo…(clears throat) Vanessa.. Vanessa Collins..”

“Vanessa Collins is here to see you. Ok sir.”

“You can go in ma’am..” the secretary said…

“Ok thanks. uumm, directions please.?”

“Sorry. 11th floor, first office by your

“Thank you..”

Vanessa took the elevator..

“Ok. Breathe Chloe. Breathe. It’s just an

She stepped out of the elevator and knocked on the first door on her right like the receptionist said..

“pasok ka..(come in)..” a voice answered

Vanessa who didn’t understand continued knocking

” I said come in.” the voice yelled

“Oh. So that’s what he said” she thought.

she adjusted her clothe, opened the door and walked in.

“Good morning sir.” she greeted

“Why did you…

He stopped when he took a look at her..

“wooow…wooow..wooow… I’m sorry for yelling pretty. Please do have a seat..” he said calmly.

He didn’t say anything after that. He
just sat down and stared at her. It made her uncomfortable and she did not hide it.

“Sir, you’re staring too much and I’m not comfortable with it.”

“Oh call me Raphael and I’m sorry for
staring, you’re just so beautiful.” he said eyeing her..

“Thank you but can we please go straight to the point?” she said bringing out her credentials and handing it to him.

He flipped through the pages

“uuummm. Miss Vanessa. Is that it?” he asked

“Yes sir. Vanessa”

“Ok. Well your file dated back to seven years ago. What were you doing or where have you been the past 7 years?”

The question caught her off guard. She didn’t expect it

“I…uumm…well..(clears throat) I was
incapacitated, got involved in a terrible
accident. I had to wait so I can heal
completely before starting over.”

“hmmmmm..well. it’s enough reason to not give you this job seeing that you’ve not been practicing for almost seven years but because of the person who recommended you and the
fact that you’re very beautiful. You have the Job..” he said

“Wait! So that’s it? No tests? No nothing?”

“Yes. You’re hired.  You can start immediately or tomorrow.”


“I’ll start right away sir.  Thank you sir..” she said excitedly and left his office

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Conquered By love- (Episode3)



“Oh! So now you call? After you made me worried sick?” Janeth yelled into the

“I am so sorry. I slept off. I was tired. Don’t be mad?”

“I..I’m not mad. You scared me, that’s all”

“I’m sorry” Chloe said

“Its okay. So how are you?” Janeth asked

“I’m fine still a bit tired though. Jane, the
place is huuugggee. How’d you get it?”

“uumm…I bought it during one of my business trips to the philippines. It kinda reminded me of our days with mom. You’d understand why I got it..”

“Yea yea I do but there’s a little problem”

“hmmm. What is it?”

“You said I’ll start working here right?”

“Yea. sooo?”

“How do I take care of the place and work at the same time. I mean..

“Ooh! I get it. You don’t have to worry about that. You’ll get a maid.” Janeth said

“And a driver too. I don’t know my way around here” Chloe added

“The company will handle that. Don’t worry.”

“Ok. Thanks sis. I owe you.”

“Oh come off it. We’re sisters. If I don’t help you who will? Just don’t blow your cover okay?” Janeth said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful”

“Ok bye.”

Chloe hung up and sighed…

“This is going to be hard” she said

She heard her stomach growl. It was then she realised she had not eaten anything since the previous day.

She quickly unpacked, took her bath, dressed up and went out to look for where to eat.

She came out of the house and walked a

She was thrilled.

“I’m gonna go sightseeing.” She thought.

She soon came across a restaurant and went in.

She sat down and picked up the menu.

A frown appeared on her face.

A waitress walked up to her..

“Mahubay..ikaw choosen kahit ano pa?(welcome have you choosen anything yet?)”

Vanessa got confused

“What the…Lady, do you speak english? Oh my gosh. I did not think this through”

“Oh. I’m sorry. You are american. You don’t speak filipino?”

“Hell I Don’t speak your freaky language”

“Ok. I was asking if you had choosen anything yet.” the waitress said

“How am I supposed to choose from this shit I see here. adodo, sisig, lecho? Don’t you serve American foods here?” Vanessa asked

“(smiling) We don’t madam but I’ll suggest you try the lecho”

Vanessa stared at her for a while. She

She was terribly hungry and had no

“Fine! Bring it.”

The waitress left and came back mins later carrying a tray. She dropped it in front of Vanessa

“The lechon is the most invited party guest in the Philippines.
The entire pig is spit-roasted over coals, with the crisp, golden-brown skin served with liver sauce, the most coveted part.
In Cebu, the stomach of the pig is stuffed with star anise, pepper, spring onions, laurel leaves and lemongrass resulting in an extremely tasty
lechon, which needs no sauce.” she said

“I did not ask for how its prepared miss. Can I get something to go with it. Maybe a beer?”

“Right away ma’am” she said and left

“hmmmm. The worse that can happen is
falling sick. Right?” Vanessa said to

She closed her eyes and ate. Then she opened her eyes wide in excitement.

The waitress came back with the beer

“Here is your…woow..” she exclaimed.

she was surprised to see that vanessa had almost emptied the plate..

“This is good lechon.” she said as she

“Really? You haven’t tried adobo yet.” Thewaitress said

“And I definitely will. I have all the time in the world. Thanks for the beer and uumm. Can I have another plate?”

“(laughing) No problem ma’am.” the
waitress said and left.

Vanessa left the restaurant very satisfied.

She went back home and immediately fell on the bed

“wooow. That was amazing food. I love it..”

she screamed then laughed. Just then her phone rang. It was Janeth

“Hello big sis. How are you?” she yelled

“hmmmmmmm. Did someone just finish
eating?” Janeth asked

“Wait. How’d you know. Are you watching me?” She asked sitting up

“Hellooo. You’re my kid sis. I know you. Its the only reason you scream on the
phone. Good food” Janeth said

“Oh really? I didnt know that.”

“Haha. Anyways. Whatsup.”

“Like you said, good food. I just ate the most amazing food. What’s the name again? uumm. lekon..lickon…

“Is it lechon?”

“Yea yes. That’s it but how’d you know?”

“duuhhrrr I’ve been there before?”

“Oh That’s right”

“Well, back to the reason I called. I spoke with my boss. You’ll start working on monday and…

“What? Come on. Its too soon.” Vanessa said

“You’re being lazy. Do you wanna get fat. You don’t have a choice though. I hope you went with your documents. Imean the one bearing Vanessa Collins and not Chloe…

“Yea. I carried them” she interrupted Jane

“And please don’t screw up. Stay outta trouble”

“Wait, are you judging me too?”

“No, no, no. I know you had justified reasons for doing it. I’m just saying, avoid anything that might cause you to do it again. Please?”

“I’ve heard you. Thanks. How is carley and her dad?”

“They are fine. Carley is sleeping and Joe is at the office. Oh that reminds me. I hear they have cute guys there…

“Byyyyeeeeee..” Vanessa said and hung up…

“hhmmm…” she sighed looking around.

I gotta make this place look like home. I don’t like where the couches are.” she stood up and began to arrange.

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