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Got a product or service that will make the life of people easier? Then my blog is the right platform to advertise it. Below you’ll find all the specifications.

Blog Stats

June 2019: 2,383,512 unique visitors, 1,994,528 visits. 49,826,189 pageviews. 30 days.
July 2019: 4,687,723 unique visitors, 2,045,109 visits. 53,243,183 pageviews. 31 days.
August 2019: 4,522,759 unique visitors, 2,099,356 visits. 76,989,478 pageviews. 31 days.
September 2019: 4,604,737 unique visitors, 2,567,661 visits. 82,053,830 pageviews. 30 days.
October 2019: 4,263,777 unique visitors, 1,759,244 visits. 70,825,685 pageviews. 31 days.
November 2019: 3,950,955 unique visitors, 2,096,346 visits. 70,007,864 pageviews. 30 days.
December 2019: 5,918,180 unique visitors, 3,231,779 visits. 97,002,943 pageviews. 31 days.


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