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Yeah, BOSSMEEK MEDIA BLOG understands that your day is very important to you, i mean its the day you’d always want to remember, celebrate and chill with friends…
We plan to make your day even more memorable, and so we started this trend
#BMBirthday to help our audienece enjoy their day.

Do you want us to give you a free birthday post/shout-out?? Then follow these instructions;

1. Follow us on Instagram @BossmeekBlog

2. Send us details and the pictures that you want us to attach to the post, the photos should be; minimum of 3 and maximum of 5. (THERE SHOULD BE A PORTRAIT PHOTO AS THAT WOULD BE USED AS THE FEATURED IMAGE)

3. Finally, leave the rest to us..

4. We’d share with you the post link after posting it so you can share the link with your friends on social media for them to comment and wish you the best.

6. Remember You can talk about this on social media to make it trend using #BMBirthday #BossmeekBlog

To participate, send the following details to

  1. 4 clear Photos
  2. Full Name + Nickname
  3. Gender
  4. Contact – Instagram, Facebook; Twitter
  5. Date of Birth / Age
  6. Occupation, if in school which of the schools
  7. The State Of Origin
  8. About Me

send the following details to


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